Sweet As A Cupcake <3

This story is about a girl called Katie and she's 16 and moves to london to stay with her Aunt Margret and when she was getting some tea and coffee from starbucks and bumps into someone. Will he be the love of her life or is it just some glumsy guy?


6. That Boy

Margaret's P.O.V


I was going to see Emma I haven't see her in ages. so excited! I'll take her to Starbucks tomorrow!



Emma's P.O.V


I arrived at Aunt Margaret'd house it's very big in fact its huge!  I love to be staying I think even more that home! 


The Next Morning......


Aunt Margaret said we have a lot to do today so I got up got dressed and was about to get breakfast when Aunt Margaret said that we are going to get some things from Starbucks I couldn't believe it did she just say that???? were at Starbucks and I'm waiting in the line and i have our tea and yummy choc cookies when this teenage boy bumps into me while looking at his phone and spilt the tea all over my clothes I was raging at 1st but he helped me up and tried to clean me up I couldn't stop staring into his eyes while he stared into mine I decided to say do I know you because I think I have seen him around when I was a child he said I don't know but I know he was lying because he had a smirk on his face. Your Harry Styles my best friend from nursery! yes, yes I am is what he replied he gave me his number and bought me some more tea How Nice! I got back into the car my Aunt said "God sake child I just sent you to get some tea!" but what she doesn't know is I think I just met the love of my life! 

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