Sweet As A Cupcake <3

This story is about a girl called Katie and she's 16 and moves to london to stay with her Aunt Margret and when she was getting some tea and coffee from starbucks and bumps into someone. Will he be the love of her life or is it just some glumsy guy?


2. Starting Fresh

Mum's P.O.V


Today i have decided to make her a toad in the hole for breakfast the look on her face when she came downstairs was very funny she was so surprised but she was going to be more surprised when she see what we do today. We started off the day shopping she loves shopping so do I so that was good we went into Claire'sTesco, M&S, next and new look next we went to an amusement park and we went on lots of rides which was fun but she loves this ride called heart attack which was where you go in circles up in the air to be honest it was quite scary but she loved it so that was the main thing after that we went to her friends house to sleepover. Now that was a day for her to remember.I hope.



Emma's P.O.V


Mum was being surprisingly nice today not like her she bought me a dress are we going clubbing? probably not like she would go clubbing anyway I'm now at my 1 of my best friends house Abbie I'm telling her that I have to leave Canada and going to London to live with my Aunt Margaret she's actually crying she's so nice and sweet I love her in a friend way.Anyway I'm going to make this sleepover as fun as I can I will list down some things she loves doing the cinnamon challenge and  stalking random people on twitter and facebook.


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