Sweet As A Cupcake <3

This story is about a girl called Katie and she's 16 and moves to london to stay with her Aunt Margret and when she was getting some tea and coffee from starbucks and bumps into someone. Will he be the love of her life or is it just some glumsy guy?


4. On The Plane

Dad's P.O.V


Thank god that bloody rat is leave to go to London I cant feed every bloody person on earth! god anyway she's leaving ever since I got married to Mary I've hated that rat I hate kids and things like that .Ugh.


Emma P.O.V


I really don't want to go to London but i want to

I don't

I do

I don't

I do

its for the best I hope. Well I'm on the plane its quite fancy a lady quite big looked after me she scared me but was nice she was a fight attended I got comfortable for a long journey.

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