Sweet As A Cupcake <3

This story is about a girl called Katie and she's 16 and moves to london to stay with her Aunt Margret and when she was getting some tea and coffee from starbucks and bumps into someone. Will he be the love of her life or is it just some glumsy guy?


8. At home

Margaret P.O.V

Emma is quite lonely and unhappy so I'll called her best friend Abbie and booked her a plane ticket to come in the morning Emma will be so pressurised and so is Abbie they have been best friends for ages and there getting on so good well I haven't seen Abbie before but Emma talks about her no-stop.


Emma P.O.V

I can't stop thinking about harry how did he get to London maybe he's famous? I'll research him [Computer: Loading.....  Harry Styles is a part of a band called One Direction] Oh my gosh he is famous! I'v always had feelings for him I need to man up and tell him I hope he him again I miss Abbie and mum and dad even though I don't really like dad.


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