Everything Has Changed (Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

We were best friends.
It was always Zayn and Ali. (Alice)
Until he left and became a part of a boy band named One Direction.
Don't get me wrong I'm happy for him I just want my best friend back.
When he comes back from touring with the lads will he remember me?
Will I be able to tell him my true feelings for him?
Or will he have moved on and I fall for one of the other lads?
This all happend because Everything Has Changed.


9. :)

Tori's POV:

Ali had invited me and Sierra to go to the park with her cause she had some 'important news' I just didn't think that it was what she said. 

"So Tori time for the important news. Drumroll please? LOUIS ASKED ME ON A DATE!!!!!!" She screamed which caused a few heads to turn. 

"What? I erm... Thought you liked Zayn?"

"Yeah, but I'm not going to wait around forever."

"She's right you know. Zayn can't keep her waiting Tori. He had his chance and he didn't take it. " Wow Sierra was actually speaking up. I guess we all have changed

"I know. And I'm happy that's it's with Lou. So more deets on this date did he say where he was taking you?"

"Um actually yeah."

*Flashback to before she called Katherine* L- Lou A- Ali

A: Heeeeey. Xx

L: Hey love what's up? Xx

A: Nothing I was about to call up my friend Kat so I can get Sierras number. Xx

L: Okay. Xx

A: And also I had a question. Xx

L: Shoot. Xx

A: Where we going for our date? Xx

L: It's a surprise ^.^ xx

A: Then how do I dress? Xx

L: Wear something cute and casual. Xx

A: Okay. Xx

L: I got to go. Niall and Harry want to go get food. Xx

A: Typical boys. Bye LouBear. Xx

L: Bye AliBear. Xx


The girls and i just decided to go back to my place so we could pick out an outfit for mine and Lou's date. After a while of  the girls and I thinking of what I could wear and we came up with this. 



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