Everything Has Changed (Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

We were best friends.
It was always Zayn and Ali. (Alice)
Until he left and became a part of a boy band named One Direction.
Don't get me wrong I'm happy for him I just want my best friend back.
When he comes back from touring with the lads will he remember me?
Will I be able to tell him my true feelings for him?
Or will he have moved on and I fall for one of the other lads?
This all happend because Everything Has Changed.


8. The girls are back!!!

Ali's POV:

I was bored so I decided to call up my old friend Sierra and tell her about the Louis thing. Problem was I lost her number so I called Katherine (Kat) to get Sierras number. 

K: Katherine  A- Alice

K: hello?

A: (in a deep voice) Yes is there a Katherine there?

K: this is she and who is this. 

A: (deep voice still) it's Harry. Harry styles. 

K: OMG?! Foreals????!

A: (laughing) NO!! It's me Ali. I was calling to see if you had Sierras number. 

K: (giggling) MEANY! Yeah I have it want it?

A: Yeah. 

K: then come and get it nana nana 

A: (mutters) weirdo

K: I heard you! And it's 831-597-5630 (idk most random number ever)

A: thanks I'll call you soon okay babes?

K: course talk to you soon. 

I got a text and it was from Tori and asked we could hang later. I said sure but I wanted to introduce her to some people and she accepted. 

I called up Sierra, and started telling her about Louis. (A-Alice, S-Sierra)

S: Hello?

A: Hey girl! It's Ali!

S: Oh hey, Ali, we haven't talked in like forever!

A: I know, and I have awesome news!

S: What is it? Spill the beans!

A: Ok, you know how Zayn left and went on the X-Factor?

S: Yeah, and didnt he become part of One Direction?

A: Ya, and a month before he came to visit, I saw on T.V. and in pictures Zayn, with this Perrie girl. So I talked to Louis, when they came to visit and he said, that Zayn and Perrie were dating, but she was Zayn's drunk mistake. So I forgave Zayn because he told me all that after so I knew I could trust him! 

S: So, is that it?

A: No! Louis said he loves me and asked me out on a date!! And I said yes!!

S: Awesome!!

A: One last thing, Tori texted me wanting to hang out, do you wanna come with?

S: Ya sure, where?

A: The park near my place, in 10 minutes.

S: Ok. See ya!!

A: Bye Girl!!

I texted Tori, and told her to meet me at the park in 10 minutes. I left my house and started walking to the park. When I got there Tori was already there. 

"Hey, Tor!" I said and hugged her. 

"Hey Ali!" She hugged me back. And right then Sierra came and sat with us on the bench. We started catching up on things and then started talking about my date with Lou!



Hey guys!! I'm Tori, I'm a new Co-Author!! I wrote about half of this chapter and you'll be seeing more of me, or well reading! A little about me, My name is Tori, short for Vitoria, I'm 13 and live in Canada!! Bye Bye, Like Comment and Fave the story Please!!

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