Everything Has Changed (Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

We were best friends.
It was always Zayn and Ali. (Alice)
Until he left and became a part of a boy band named One Direction.
Don't get me wrong I'm happy for him I just want my best friend back.
When he comes back from touring with the lads will he remember me?
Will I be able to tell him my true feelings for him?
Or will he have moved on and I fall for one of the other lads?
This all happend because Everything Has Changed.


5. Friend Zones and Moving On?!

Ali's P.O.V.

It's been a month since the boys have been on break and since I've forgave Zayn. Him and perrie

have been talking it seems as if she is just using him which if course we all know is true.

Something was just telling me something was off. What happened next I wasn't prepared for. It

actually changed my feelings and well life.


"Yeah babe?"

"Who do you like?"

"Hahaha why? You know I'm being careful now considering what happened with El...."

"I'm sorry Boo I just think its time to move on."

Louis' P.O.V.

This is it I'm just going to tell her I'm not keeping this a secret anymore.I had to break it off with El

I mean with me always gone and her always at school we never had time for each other so we

both decided it was best to just stay friends. Sure El left a hole in my heart but I just can't let that

keep me from expressing my feelings for Ali. Yeah I'd grown to have feelings for her. Who

wouldn't? She's beautiful in every way she's funny shy and best of all beautiful. Did I mention she

was beautiful?

"Ermm Earth to Lou, hello you still there?"

"Yeah Lou and Earth are contacted"

"Well Lou who is it?"

"Look Ali I need to tell you something please don't get mad?"

"Of course not boo now tell me."

"Ali I like you."

"Wha-" she was cut off by my lips contacting hers. I don't know if it was just me but I felt sparks

and not long after I kissed her she kissed me back.

"Lou if we're being honest I have to say I've always liked you to."

"So what does this mean?"

"I don't know.................."
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