Everything Has Changed (Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

We were best friends.
It was always Zayn and Ali. (Alice)
Until he left and became a part of a boy band named One Direction.
Don't get me wrong I'm happy for him I just want my best friend back.
When he comes back from touring with the lads will he remember me?
Will I be able to tell him my true feelings for him?
Or will he have moved on and I fall for one of the other lads?
This all happend because Everything Has Changed.


6. Feelings Being Realized

(A/N THIS CHAP. IS SHORT) Louis' P.O.V. ~~~~~~~~~~ I need to tell her. I needed to make sure her feelings hadn't changed. I can't deny it anymore whenever I see her it's like my whole world just lights up. She lights up my world like nobody else (haha see what I did there). The things I would do for her just to prove my love. I'll text her and then tell her how i feel let's hope this goes well. L= Lou A= Ali L: Hey Alibear A: Hey boo L: What you up to? A: Thinking bout stuff. L: Like what? A: Erm..... You L: Ali I need to tell you something A: Yeah? :) L: I ermm........ A: Yeah Lou c'mon tell me. L: I love you. A: Aww Lou I love you to. L: No Ali I LOVE YOU. As in love you not friendship love. Real love. A: I never knew you felt this way. L: I always have ever since I'd met you on the X-Factor and I tripped on that last step and tripped and accidentally pushed you at the judges house. Xx (x is kiss A: :). Xx L: So? Xx A: Lou I've always felt the same I just never knew if you felt the same. Xx L: Of course I did. Xx A: I got to go bi Lou. Xx L: Wait can I ask you something? Xx A: Yeah sure? Xx L: Will you go out on a date with me? Xx A: I'd love to Lou. I got to go bi Boo. Xx L: Bi Alibear. Xx SHE SAID YES! Omg this is great! Wait what about Zayn?

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