Light vs Darkness....which one would you allow to control you?


1. Afraid


The darkness

Surrounds me

All I have is me

It’s okay that way

The damage is done

Laying in the blood

It has become my home

My comfort

It can’t happen again


The darkness is clearing

Why is this?

Is it you?

Make it stop

The blood is dried

For how long?

The light shines  through

It doesn’t sting


A hand outstretched

Trust to guide me

What is left?

I look behind

The darkness trailing

Behind, slowly


It may return

No one knows

That’s the way

It must be

But you must trust

It will disappear

Allow the light into

Your heart


I will allow the right


To guide me

Through the way

Darkness is always

There, but I do

My best to ignore it

Even when it

Stabs at me

Even when all

Things look glum

I allow

The light

To take hold

The warmth it beholds

Is what keeps me


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