Never Give Up-A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic

When Maddie, a Senior in high school meets boy band pop sensation Louis Tomlinson, her life may change for good. Will they end up ultimately falling in love, or will her bad luck with trusting people and troubling past only hurt her even more. Even though things don't always work out in her favor, Maddie has learned one thing in her life, Never Give Up.


6. Sounds Like A Date

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-----Lou's P.O.V.-----

"Are you drunk dude? You only met this girl like, this morning! You're just upset Eleanor broke up with you!" Harry exclaimed.

"Not cool! It was a decision both of us made together. And I'm serious! I think we really have something...." I saw trailing off.

" 'I think we really have something!' " Harry said mimicking Louis reaction, "come on dude, man up, you sound like a girl. 'I think I'm in love.' " Harry once again laughed.

"Just shut up Harry! Think whatever you want, I think we're gonna be together for a long time..." I gushed

" 'I-I think we're gonna be together for a long time.' " Harry once again risky mimicked as I left for my bedroom.

I left the main room, grabbed a drink from the kitchen, and headed straight for my bedroom. Harry was right. I am acting like a little girl. But that was seriously how I felt. An if that was like a teenage girl, so be it.

We had so much fun just goofing around together. I've always wanted to be with a girl like that. One that knows how to laugh an understands stupid jokes.

And her voice, it's out if this world. It's beyond me how she hasn't made it as a singer yet. I can see us being together for a long time. I can't wait to go out on another date with her, this time a proper one. But I can't ask yet, ill seem too desperate.

Oh God, Louis, man up!

-----Maddie's P.O.V.-----

"Omg! Seriously!" Kayte screamed, which almost made my ear bleed.

"Yes, Kayte! And can you tone it down a little?" I ask

"No! This is big! And so cute! Look, me best friends got a little crush. Isn't he famous or something. I recognized him from some band or something, I'm trying to think. One Direction! Yeah that's it! Omg your dating someone from the biggest band like ever!' Kayte screamed, like hyperventilating.

"Woh, Kayte. Settle down please, it's no big deal. Well, we did have something there when we kissed. Something special. I can't put my finger on what it was, but it was amazing. Ok, maybe this is kinda a big deal!" I said, laughing. Which caused Kayte to laugh.

We laughed for almost 10 minutes before stopping. Then Kayte made me continue to tell her everything that happened on our "date," even though I already said all the big things she wants to know "every detail!" As she said it. Oh gosh, I love this girl!

-----No One's P.O.V.-----

Louis and Maddie continued to think about what had happened earlier that day. The sparks they felt, not once, but twice, as they kissed. They both knew they had something special, but didn't know the other felt the same way.

They had been texting, but nothing had been mentioned about another date. Louis was trying to decide how to ask. At the same time, Maddie was desperately waiting for him to ask her out again.

Eventually, Louis decided if he waited any longer, it would be to late.

To: Maddie;)
From: Louis:)
Hey Maddie, I had an awesome time hanging out with you the other day, I was wondering if you would like to go out with me sometime this week?

To: Louis:)
From: Maddie;)
Sounds great:) I can do Tuesday or Thursday. Either good for you?

To: Maddie;)
From: Louis:)
Tuesdays great! Pick you up around 6?

To: Louis:)
From: Maddie;)
Sounds like a date:)

-----Maddie's P.O.V-----

He finally asked me out again. I was beginning to think he wasn't really into me. I hope he feels kind of the same way...


I pick up the phone and dial Kayte's number. After a fee rings, she answers, "Hey, Kayte here!" He answers with her usually cheery voice.

"Guess who has a date Tuesday!?" I basically scream into the phone.

"No way! Seriously! Omg! We gotta go shopping and buy you a new dress!" Kayte bursts with enthusiasm.

"No we don't, I'm fine..." I say.

"Uhhh, no your not. Ill pick you up tomorrow at 11 and well go shopping and grab some lunch. Kay?" Kayte informs me.

"Sure, I got nothing better to do."

"You sure don't! We gotta make sure you look great for this date!" Kayte screams. God, you'd think one of us was getting married!

"Well, it's always a joy to talk to you Kayte, but I gotta go, ill see ya tomorrow! Love ya!"

"Ok see ya tomorrow. Love ya too."

-----Lou's P.O.V.-----

She said yes! I don't know why in so excited about this. I mean, I've been on tons of dates, but for some reason this one feels different. I think I'm actually nervous. No. I can't be. I'm never nervous for dates. The last date we went on, if you can call it that, was amazing.

Maybe that's why I'm nervous, the last one was perfect. I don't wanna ruin it. I want her to like me! I really like her!

Pull it together man. It's just a date. Well go to dinner an a movie. The classic date it'll be great. Well have a fun time. I'll make her fall for me, that is if she already hasn't. I mean everyone falls for Louis the Tommo Tomlinson!

And that's when it hit me, the reason I'm so nervous for this date!


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