Never Give Up-A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic

When Maddie, a Senior in high school meets boy band pop sensation Louis Tomlinson, her life may change for good. Will they end up ultimately falling in love, or will her bad luck with trusting people and troubling past only hurt her even more. Even though things don't always work out in her favor, Maddie has learned one thing in her life, Never Give Up.


2. Just The Begging

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Here we go again, another day going to that terrible place people call school. Not that I actually hate it, I mean it's a million times better then this place I call home, or should I say something more along the lines of prison.

Hi, I'm Maddie! I'm 17 and a senior in high school. I have long brown hair an blue eyes. I've never had many friends, I've always been shy and keep to myself, and the people I have called friends have only abandoned me and stabbed me in the back. I've always been bullied at school, all because one of my so called "friends" spread rumors all around school, saying i did things I wouldn't even think of doing right now. Things at home have never been great either. About 5 years ago, my parents divorced. Right now I love with my mother and stepdad in New York. My brothers both love with my dad in California, so we never see them anymore, they barely even call me. About three years ago my mom and stepdad had a baby together. Since then I feel like they don't really care about me, only about little baby Skyler. All I ever hear is, "awe, Skyler this, and Skyler that. Oh look t Skyler, she's so cute!" I think it's safe to say they could care less about me. Oh well, I'm almost 18 right? I can get outta here and peruse my of singing. I've always wanted to be a stylist if some-sort.

Well, anyways, off to another day at school. I hope my one good friend, Kayte is there today, you've known each other since you were like 10 and have been best friends since.

~~~~After School At The Mall~~~~

"Come on Kayte, you gotta be kidding me! What's wrong with that one!?" you almost scream at your friend as she heads back into the dressing room in the most gorgeous dress.

"It makes me look slutty..." She says

"No it doesn't, nothing wrong with a dress above the knee! It looks so good on you? You gotta get it!"

"I don't know, Maddie..."

"We're getting it!" You say pushing her back into the dressing room. To take off the dress so you can pay. "I'll be at the check out! Hurry up slowpoke!" You say, grabbing all the clothes you have picked out.

You go to stand in line as someone crashes right into you...causing you to drop everything you had in your hand...

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, love. I should really watch where I'm going..." You hear a guy say in an adorable British accent.

"It's totally big deal...I do stuff like this all the time...I'm used to it." You say as he helps you pick up all the clothes you've dropped.

Handing you the last top, he says, once again in his adorable accent, "that's it love, sorry again.."

"And again, it's totally fine..."you gush. You both laugh a little.

"May I say, you have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen..." You can't help but blush, along with giggle too. "Oh and a cute laugh too, I'm louis." He says, reaching out to give you a hand shake.

You shake his hand and say, "my names Madeline,but everyone calls me Maddie."

"Madeline, that's such a beautiful name, just like you." You giggle some more

"Hey Maddie, where are you? Sorry I took so long, I decided I don't want the dre-who is this?" She asks, gesturing toward Louis.

"Oh, this is Louis, we were just talking.." You say. Not really knowing how to respond.

"Well, ladies, I think I should get going. But first I have one question, do you mind if I get your number, Maddie..." You giggle and give him your number.

"Well, see you later." He says giving you a wink, and walking away.

"Earth to Maddie..." Kayte says as she waves her hand in font of your face. You snap out if your thoughts about Lou, "awe, someone's got a crush." Kayte gushes.

"I do not, I-I, I just think I know him from-from somewhere..." You say, still snapping out of it.

"Ok, whatever you say," Kayte says sarcastically. You laugh at her comment.

"Oh shut up!"

After you pay for all your new clothes, you get a text,

From: Unknown
It's Louis;) I'm still thinking about those beautiful blue eyes of yours...

You giggle and immediately add his name to your contacts.

You decide to be a little flirty, but to wait a while before you reply, so you don't seem too desperate.

To: Louis:)
Right back at you;)

You giggle an put your phone back in your pocket.


Sorry, this chapter is not the best, and that its kinda short. Remember this is my first fanfic so I promise it will get better! Thanks for reading. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them!
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