Never Give Up-A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic

When Maddie, a Senior in high school meets boy band pop sensation Louis Tomlinson, her life may change for good. Will they end up ultimately falling in love, or will her bad luck with trusting people and troubling past only hurt her even more. Even though things don't always work out in her favor, Maddie has learned one thing in her life, Never Give Up.


1. Never Give Up-A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic

Hey guys! This is my first real fanfic so I'm excited for you guys to read it! If you ever have any ideas let me know, ill he happy to incorporate them. Right now I don't need any parts for the story, but if that changes I'll let you guys know! Thanks for reading! <3

Ill usually try to update as much as possible, sometimes that might be everyday, or every other day, or two or three times a week. Ill try my best to keep I updated.:)


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