I do

This is the story of a girl called Isabel. She is a 20 year old veterinary student and loyal directioner. On top of her studies she has time to tweet the band every day and keep up with a very popular twitter account. As the story follows she goes to meet and greet and catches one of the members eyes. As they grow to know each other a band member asks her a very important question. What will she say?


2. The decission

After fangirling over her tickets Isabel decided it was time to get back to her studies. "Got to go Isabel, see you later" Mia shouted from the other side of the house. Isabel ran to the door to say bye to Mia, after saying bye Isabel slowley walked to the kitchen table with a massive smile on her face. After getting into the kitchen she put on the kettle and got a knock on the door. Isabel skipped happley to the door, it was her friend Jade. "So lets see them" Jade let out. "What you talking. Oh the tickets yh come in i've just put the kettle on" Jade walked through door as Isabel shut the door behind her. They both ran to the kitchen both trying to get to the kitchen first. "So who you taking" "Well im taking you and..." Isabel stopped,looking confused as she closed the envolope holdinng the tickets. "I've just thought i've got to get back to my studies sorry" Isabel hurridly continued. Isabel showed Jade out and slammed the door behind her. Isabel ran to the living room and threw herself  on the couch "What should I do" she thought. "How can I decied who to take.

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