I do

This is the story of a girl called Isabel. She is a 20 year old veterinary student and loyal directioner. On top of her studies she has time to tweet the band every day and keep up with a very popular twitter account. As the story follows she goes to meet and greet and catches one of the members eyes. As they grow to know each other a band member asks her a very important question. What will she say?


1. Surprise

Isabel smith is a 20 year old vetanary student at manchester veternary college. As many of her friends she is a loyal directioner. She manages to tweet the boys every day and has a very succsesful twitter account. Although many directioners know her she has never managed to meet One Direction. This story follows Isabels life as  a life long dream becomes a reality.

One sunny saturday moring Isabel woke up to her regular day at collage but little did she know that today would be the day changes her life. Isable woke up and immediatly went onto twitter to say good morning to her boys. After her regular morning tweet she got and sleeply walked down stairs to her kitchen. Usually she is the first one up but today she woke to a unusal chatty bestfriend Mia. Normally Mia is well away in a deep sleep, Isabel seemed surprised but just carried on as usual  enoying this remarkable sight. " Do you want some toast Isabel" Mia cheerped. "No im  good, are you ok" isabel questioned as she sat down at the table. "No im perfectly fine". Isabel slowley got up, smiled at Mia and left the kitchen to go and get changed. As isabel got in the shower Mia slowley crept up the stairs trying not alarm Isabel. As Mia reachel Isabels room she placed a small parcel on the end of Isabels bed. She tiptoed out of the room. Just as she got to the top of the stairs she heard Isabel call her name. "Mia, Mia what is this". Mia tried to think what to say but before she could say anything she heard Isabel scream with excitment. "Mia come here" Isabel yelled. Mia skipped to Isabels room with a big smile on her face. As she reached Isabels room she tried not to smile but couldn't help it. "Did you do this" Isabel questioned. "What are you talking abou" Mia answered. "These meet and greet tickets for one direction" Isabel asked looking confused. "oh, those silly old things yeah that was.."  Before Mia could finish her scentence Isabel was hugging Mia to the point were she couldn't breath. "Isabel stop i cant breath" Mia yelled as she gasped for breath. "sorry" Isabel laughed as she let go of Mia. "I cant believe you did this I cant wait"


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