It's Just The Way You Smile

Emily Is New To The Town- She Doesn't Have Any Idea Who Is Who. Yet, She Meets This Curly-Haired Boy Called Harry, Who Turns Her Life To A Beautiful Tale. Read To Find Out All The Obstacles Emily Went Through As Well As The Adventure! (:


27. Truth Or Dare

You, Harry, Louis, and Zayn sit on the stairs and start playing truth or dare. You choose truth on your first turn, and Zayn asks you, "Emily, if you got paid 100 bucks, would you break up with Harry?" You look at him with a you-are-so-retarted-to-think-that-look. "No, of course not!" Harry smiles at you and holds your hand. You smile back. It's your turn to choose. You choose Harry. He chooses dare. "Okay. Um.. Something crazy." You start thinking. Zayn whispers in your ear. You nod at him. "Harry, ok... You have to give everyone here a kiss on the cheek including the guys. "Umm.. I change my mind, truth." you look at Zayn and glance back at Harry. "Okayyy... Name all your girlfriends in order from best kisser to suckish. "Nevermind. I will stick with dare." He starts off with you. And then Zayn. Then Niall. And when he comes to Louis, Louis turns his head so Harry kissed him on the lips. "Eww! You have a girlfriend sikko!!" Harry screams as he wipes off the kiss from his lips. You start laughing. Harry looks at you. "Oh.. That's how it is. You wanted this to happen huh?".. Well it's on!" You point to your right and run away in the other direction. Harry looks back and starts chasing you. You run all the way upstairs and Harry is right behind you. You stop really quick and hide behind the door. Harry sees you but walks in and leaves. You get out of your hiding spot and start panting. "Boo!" Harry walks in. You get creeped out and let out a scream. Harry starts laughing. You go up to him. He kisses you, and takes your phone from your back pocket. You step back and try to grab your phone back but he is too tall. Your phone rings. Harry answers. The person on the phone starts talking, "You better let Harry go... Or else!" Harry answers, "Or else what?!" You can tell he is mad. The person hangs up. "Who was that?" Harry asks. You don't answer. Harry checks your phone and sees it is a unknown number. "It's blocked!" Harry looks angry. He comes close to you. He puts his hand on your face, "No one can tear us apart? Ok." You nod and he pulls you into a deep kiss. You can feel Harry placing your phone back into your pocket. He lets you go. And gives you a hug. Danielle and Liam come in saying, "Hey I'm almo-." She looks up at you. " 0oh," she whispers. She gives Liam a signal not to come in here. She leaves and Harry lets you go. You are about to leave the room and Harry grabs your hand and gives you a smile and lets go. You come outside and see Liam and Danielle going down. You catch up to them and start talking. You tell them about what Louis did and they burst out laughing. Harry comes down behind you. Danielle and Liam keep walking you wait for Harry.
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