It's Just The Way You Smile

Emily Is New To The Town- She Doesn't Have Any Idea Who Is Who. Yet, She Meets This Curly-Haired Boy Called Harry, Who Turns Her Life To A Beautiful Tale. Read To Find Out All The Obstacles Emily Went Through As Well As The Adventure! (:


37. New York!

After the movie, Harry takes your Harry takes your hand and tells you that he wants you to meet his parents. You are surprised, "Wow! Umm.. I don't know what to say. Are you serious?" He nods. You smile. He holds your hand and sneaks you out from the back and takes you on a walk. He holds your hand he whole walk. Then he asks if you are hungry. You say no, but then your stomach growls and he grabs you and takes you inside the ice cream shop. He buys you an cookies and cream ice cream cone topped with sprinkles. He buys himself a smoothie. When you two leave the shop, you try your ice cream. "Well? Do you like it?" Harry asks you. You nod while rubbing your stomach. "Dont like it huh?" You nod. "Wanna trade?" You say, "Please." He gives you his smoothie and you give him your ice cream. "How could you not like this?!" You put your shoulders up. Then you try "your" smoothie. You actually enjoy this. You start laughing out of no where. "What?!" Harry looks really confused. "Nothing." "If it was nothing, you wouldn't be laughing!" You turn and keep on walking. He catches up to you and sees fans walking through. (you know they are fans because they have posters saying I love one direction!) Harry goes behind you. Even though you are shorter than him, the girls don't see him until you scream out really loudly, "Harry Styles!! What a surprise!" They start running to you and Harry. Harry whispers to you in your ear sarcastically, "Thanks!" Those fans take pictures with you and Harry and get autographs from Harry. While they are hugging him, some girl tried slipping her phone into Harry's pocket. But he noticed and she started to blush. After they left, Harry started to chase you. You were too fast. But then you reached the road, and you said to Harry, "Ha! Whatcha gonna do now!" He was gonna come up running to you, but screamed, "Watch out!" There was a car coming, you were right there but after the car left you disappeared. So Harry walked back to the hotel thinking this was a prank. He was worried about what everyone was gonna think. He came up to the building, and saw all the fans screaming and shouting and singing. He needed security. When he was on the steps a couple feet away from his room, he started crying. Louis came out and saw him crying. He gave him a hug and said, "Dude! Don't. If Em sees you like this she's gonna start wondering." Harry cries more, "Em." Louis hugs him tighter. "By the way where is she, I thought she was with you?" He cries harder. Then you come out of your room. Louis turns around and says hi and shows you to Harry. "Emily? You're ok?" He touches your hand to make sure he isn't imagining this. "YOUR REAL!! THANK GOD!" You nod and give him a hug. "Are you okay?" He goes to his room and shuts the door in your face, "Yes ma'am!" You go back to your room and tell Danielle everything that happened. Both of you are laughing. She was surprised Harry fell for that. But.. He did! You suddenly get a text from Harry: I don't think we can be together. You text back: Y? He replies: It's just not working out. I found someone new. You respond: Is that what you want? 4 me to go?.. He answers: Yes. Darling. I booked a flight for you tomorrow morning to California at three. You send him: Is this some sort of joke?! Harry texts: Yea... Good luck with whatever. You text him: Ok. But don't try to call me! He texts back: That's fine. Oh and umm I gtg Caroline is calling me. You get the text and don't reply. You drop your phone. "Wow!" Danielle comes up to you and asks what happened. You show her your phone and she sits down next you and says, "It's probably just a joke." She leaves the room. You are wondering, "Why is everyone against me?" But you pack anyways. After about thirty-five minutes of packing, you are done. You go outside and see Harry going outside with Caroline Flack. You get jealous inside. You go get something to eat. Then you take a nap. You wake up with Danielle and the boys laughing. Harry comes up behind them and sits next to you. "Babe. Don't scare me like that. Ok?" You nod, "Ok?" He looks down and kisses you. Louis comes up to you and pulls Harry. "Harold is mine!" You start laughing. "Ok. Louis." He hugs you, "Thank you for understanding so well." You looks at him oddly. And everyone around you starts laughing. You get up to unpack your bags. Harry looks at you, "Why are you unpacking?" You look confused, "I thought this was all fake... Right?" "What are you talking about? The flight is still booked. At three today-" You cut him off. "WHAT!!!" Harry goes up to you and holds you, "Let me finish.. We are all leaving today... To New York City!
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