It's Just The Way You Smile

Emily Is New To The Town- She Doesn't Have Any Idea Who Is Who. Yet, She Meets This Curly-Haired Boy Called Harry, Who Turns Her Life To A Beautiful Tale. Read To Find Out All The Obstacles Emily Went Through As Well As The Adventure! (:


52. More Shopping!

You go straight downstairs and on the way out of the elevator you bump into Niall. At first you didn't see him, but when he noticed you, you recognized him. "Oh my god! What are you doing here?" Niall said as he picks up your purse you dropped. He stands up and you smile. "Well. I'm here with El and Louis, but I guess you're here too." He chuckles. "So where you heading to?" You point in one direction. (lol) He smiles. "Just came from there. I could help if you want." "If you want I guess.. But you don't have to." You say. "No. I want to." Niall escorts you to all the stores. First Crazy 4. Then Hollister. Then, forever 21. Next, the One Direction store. At the 1D store, you buy yourself and Eleanor matching bracelets. After that, Niall helps you with all your bags and you go back upstairs. In the elevator, Niall's phone rings. He got a text from Josh saying: Hey! Where are you? I'm looking but can't seem to find you. You ask Niall, "Josh? Isn't Harry with Josh?" Niall shakes his head and says, "No. Ahaha! But I gotta run."
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