It's Just The Way You Smile

Emily Is New To The Town- She Doesn't Have Any Idea Who Is Who. Yet, She Meets This Curly-Haired Boy Called Harry, Who Turns Her Life To A Beautiful Tale. Read To Find Out All The Obstacles Emily Went Through As Well As The Adventure! (:


51. Mall

You accept all three. You put your phone down and look outside in the window. There's a couple standing by the bridge taking pictures. So cute. You come out of your room and go to Eleanor to chat. You knock on the door to see a sticky note. It says: Im out with Louis, call me if you need me. You walk away slowly with your head down. You're alone now, so you call Harry to tell him you are going out to the movies. You dial the number and it starts ringing. He doesn't pick up the phone so you decide to text him. Just as you are about to send, he calls you. You pick up and tell him, "Im going to the movies, wanna join?" He replies, "Sorry babe. Cant, im all tied up. But i'll tell Niall if he wants to join." You hang up. Your phone starts buzzing. Harry texted you saying: Why did you hang up on me? You are a little too mad to reply but text him: Im not in the mood, ok.. He texts you: ok. i get you... sorry babe! i cant come.. niall said yes. if i have time i will come, for sure:) You smile and text him: ok, thanks.. im feeling you <3 You quickly grab a taxi and get a lift to the theater. Harry calls you and you pick up. "I love you lots!" You laugh and say, "Ok, you win. I think i see Niall, im gonna hang up." "K, bye." You hang up and sneak up behind Niall. You scare him and he jumps out frieghtened. You start laughing. "Emily! That wasn't nice! Now you have to make it up to me!" You glance at him, "Ok, i'll buy you some food." He smiles and you start laughing. You two walk into the theater after paying for everything. You two turned out wanting to watch the same movie. The new action movie. Throughout the movie you and Niall were laughing at not even funny parts. The group of people behind you got mad and you two were kicked out by security. Then you went on a walk. And here you are now. At In and Out eating a burger and laughing together. "Em! I didn't know you could be so funny!" "Well, that's just me." You smile big, but not too big. You two get up. He walks you to his car. And you get in and he drives you home. Once you reach your door, he hugs you, "I had lots of fun! If you're free anytime later, I'm good with it." "Ok. I'll text you." He smiles and you go inside and shut the door. You start to watch tv. And then remember to text Harry. You text him: Hey! I'm back. Tell Niall I had lots of fun!:) and umm.. One more thing.. Where are you??!! He takes an hour to text back. He says: Haha Emily:) don't worry. I love you too much to leave you!<3 and I told Niall. He said he enjoyed the time he spent with you. Oh and I'm not coming to the hotel tonight. My friend, Josh and I are going to his apartment. If you want you can join me. You get the text and smile: Thanks for taking an hour. But yes, I love you too!<3 And no thank you. I am gonna go midnight shopping with el. Wanna join??;) He texts back: No thanks love(; don't stay up too late!:) xx You don't text back because you know the conversation could go on forever. You leave to Eleanor's room and she opens up and brings you inside. You are already dressed and she is getting ready. You help her on her makeup and hurry and leave. Louis comes with you and on your way out Louis gets ambushed by fans. When they notice you and Eleanor, they asked for autographs and picture. Unfortunately, it was dark so the pics didn't come out right but you gave them voice recordings too. It took about a good fifteen min to get out of the fans and leave to the mall. When you guys reached the mall, you guys split up. You, by yourself, and El and Lou.
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