It's Just The Way You Smile

Emily Is New To The Town- She Doesn't Have Any Idea Who Is Who. Yet, She Meets This Curly-Haired Boy Called Harry, Who Turns Her Life To A Beautiful Tale. Read To Find Out All The Obstacles Emily Went Through As Well As The Adventure! (:


38. Just Happy(:

You are so happy you hug Harry the tightest you can. "Woah! Woah! Let's not get too excited!" They all leave your room. Then you ask Harry, "Where is Niall?" I haven't seen him today." Harry shrugs his shoulders. You call Niall and he picks up and says that he is at his uncle's place. Just visiting. You hang up and take a shower. When you come out drying your hair, you see a card. You open it and notice that no one wrote their name on it. It's for Harry. It says: Emily isn't pretty. Neither is Danielle. I love you Harry. Love, the person you know and care for. XOXO. You take a picture of this and send it to Harry. He replies: Who sent that? And how did you get it? You text back: I don't know who sent that that's why I'm asking you! And I think his person slipped it under the wrong door. He doesn't text back, neither do you. You aren't too worried though, you trust Harry. Then someone calls you. You pick up and the person starts speaking, "Got my card. I'm here. Love the person Harry loves most, Katie!" She hangs up. It's Katie! Harry's ex! You wait till Harry is back from his interview to tell him the news. You look in your laptop and you log onto your Skype. You have gotten fifteen video calls from Eleanor. You are hoping she is online... And... She is! She picks up your call and you two talk for hours. Then she asks to see Louis, you take your laptop to Louis and the moment he sees her, he tarts kissing the screen. "Um.. Louis I really don't want lips on my screen so.. Can you just .. Yea?" He lets go and started hugging it. Eleanor is so happy to see him so you leave them two alone. You walk out to see Zayn and Harry back. You slowly shut the door and ask say how everything went. He told you that it was great! You are so happy. Harry comes scrams to you, "Hey! Guess who I met!" You hear his voice but you don't see him... Yet. he comes up and it's Katie. You just remembered. You smile and greet her nicely and text Harry. You text him: I need to tell you something important. It's about Katie! He take you to the side. You show him your recent calls. "That's Katie's number right?" You nod. "Yea. She called me. Telling me to get out of your life." Harry tells you, "No. She can't do that."'Harry goes up to Katie and starts talking to her again. You aren't jealous. You don't trust her. Anymore! "Well Whatever!" You think. You are leaving the next day. Louis comes out. He gives you your laptop. You take it to your room and start talking to Eleanor on Skype. Meanwhile, Harry is showing Katie everything he knows about Las Vegas. They talk about random stuff and when he drops her home, she kisses him, but he immediately pulled back. "You know I have a girlfriend, why would you do that?!" "Well, yea I know, but us, we were meant to be." Harry looks at her confused, "Wait, were you that person that person that kept on sending Emily those messages? And if you were don't try-" She cuts him off, "That was me." Harry is surprised, "Yea. I don't think this will work." He leaves Katie at her apartment. He comes to his hotel room wondering how you will take it. You hear something outside and go check. It's Harry! You go up to him and apologize for what she said. Harry didn't say anything. "Are you ok?" Harry snaps out of it. You kiss him and tell him to relax. When you turn around to leave, he grabs your arm. "I need too tell you something," he says. You answer, "Yea. Sure. What?" He leads you to your room and he works you down, "Whats wrong?" "You were right." "About what?" "Katie. And she kissed me today." You sigh. "It's alright. I know you love me and that's all I need." He smiles and gives you a big hug. "Wanna help me pack?" Harry says. "Well, I've got time on my hands." You two go pack and Niall comes back. By the time you two are done, Danielle had finished her photo shoot. Harry took you downstairs for a surprise. You closed your eyes and he let go of you. All the fans surrounding the airport. He screamed, "Hey look! Is that Emily? Harry Styles' girlfriend?!" He ran away with his hand covering his face and laughing at you. A lot of fans came to you for autographs and pictures. Harry came back to get you. After everyone had gotten their autographs and pictures from you. He hugs you, "Babe! How was it." You smile, "Pretty good." You show him the ice cream a fan bought for you. He takes it and licks it all over and gives it back to you. "You can keep it." He laughs and walks you back to the hotel. You walk in Harry's room and Niall is there, eating ribs. "What's for dinner?" You look at him awkwardly. You are in awe. You shut the door and tell Harry not to go in there. So the two of you chill in your room. You two get bored and order food service. Harry orders your dinner and you two share a drink. The awesomely night ever! But tomorrow you two are leaving to New York. So the two of you go to sleep really late. Listening to music, you two slowly fall asleep together. You wake up in the early morning. The seven of you leave to the airport in the middle of the day. You reach the airport and get to the flight early. You prefer public airports rather than private jets and all that expensive stuff. On your flight, you sit in between Harry and Louis. You fall asleep on Harry and he takes a picture of you sleeping. The click wakes you up. "Harry, what are you doing?" He shows you the picture, "I wanted to show you how gorgeous you are." You smile and give him a kiss on the cheek and hold his arm tight. The flight is gonna reach its destination in fifteen min. You take out your phone and start playing a game. You play and you guys are about to land. It takes about seven min, but you guys land and quickly get out. When you reach the baggage claim, Eleanor is there! For a second, you didn't believe your eyes. But when you realized it was actually her, you dropped all your stuff and ran up to her to hug her. The first thing you ask her is, "How?!" She tells you that Louis had told her you guys would be in New York. And she had a photo shoot there so they could meet. You are so happy you forgot about everyone else until she reminded you. You pickup all your bags and call Harry to ask where he was. He didn't pick up but you eventually found him and the boys. Niall was first to see Eleanor out of all the boys. So the second he saw her he ran up to her...
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