It's Just The Way You Smile

Emily Is New To The Town- She Doesn't Have Any Idea Who Is Who. Yet, She Meets This Curly-Haired Boy Called Harry, Who Turns Her Life To A Beautiful Tale. Read To Find Out All The Obstacles Emily Went Through As Well As The Adventure! (:


24. Huge Party!

Everyone is ready now. Liam drives with Danielle in the passenger seat. You guys arrive at an auditorium. All of you are quiet. You go in and the lights turn on. "Surprise!!!" everyone screams. By the look if it, there at hundreds of people here! You see Eleanor. "OMG!! Harry, pinch me. I must be dreaming!" you smile and hug her. She tells you that Danielle set this up for you. You hug Danielle. She points at the band. You hug them. Suddenly, they go up on stage and announce that they are going to play for you. You almost cry. Just then Harry starts singing and comes down. He comes to you as he sing and everyone makes way. He brings you on stage and shows you to the audience. You smile and wave. You come down as they sing. About an hour of talking and dancing and fancying passes. A huge, tall cake comes on stage. You come on stage and everyone starts singing happy birthday to you. You blow out the candles and Harry announces that you are his girlfriend. He kisses you and everyone claps. You are so happy. You come down with Harry.
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