It's Just The Way You Smile

Emily Is New To The Town- She Doesn't Have Any Idea Who Is Who. Yet, She Meets This Curly-Haired Boy Called Harry, Who Turns Her Life To A Beautiful Tale. Read To Find Out All The Obstacles Emily Went Through As Well As The Adventure! (:


32. Haters DO Make A Difference

You go to Zayn's room and knock the door. Louis opens the door. "Can I speak to Zayn pls." He says, "Lemme check. Can I take a message?" He starts laughing and let's you in. You go up to Zayn but he is busy watching TV. You snap in front of him. He looks at you but he turns back and points at the TV. Harry is there with the host of Clevver TV. He starts off, "A couple hours ago I was here. I had said that I had been dating someone. It's Katie who I said I was dating. But that's not true. I had panicked and said that. My real girlfriends name is... Is... Emily." He goes on but you are so happy you start smiling. Then you remember why you had came to his room. You turn Zayn towards you and show him your phone. He looks closely then gives you your phone back. He takes out his phone and texts you: Ignore it for now and we will talk bout it later when Harry is back and Niall and Louis are gon. You reply: OK. You leave and see Victor outside. He comes up to you and says, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean for things to turn out this way." You start off, "No you don't ha--he cuts you off with a kiss. You immediately pull back. Harry is right there. You go to Harry. "I didn't!! I swear!!" You say. You hug him. He pushes you off and leaves. You go back to your room and start crying. You talk stuff out with Danielle and decide that you will leave first thing in the morning. You pack EVERYTHING and go to sleep really early. You wake up at 4:30 in the morning. You say goodbye to Danielle. Liam and Danielle drop you off to the airport. You tell them to tell Harry you said bye. You are waiting for your flight to be called. Meanwhile, Liam is back at the hotel and in his room. Harry suddenly wakes up. "Morning Liam." Liam looks confused, "How could you just let her go she didn't do anything wrong." Harry sits up, "They kissed! How could you expect me to forgive her after that?" Liam replies, "But he kissed her and she didn't. Are you sure you're mad at her or are you mad because the fact you might lose her." "I don't know man. Maybe but I know I'm wrong, now. I'm gonna go say sorry." Liam looks at Harry oddly, "Dude, what are you talking about? She left." "What do you mean she left?" "Her flight leaves in an hour." "What!" Harry storms out before Liam can say anything. He reaches the airport forty five min before your flight leaves. At the moment, you are sitting down outside of your flight gate. You hear someone scream your name but when you looked around no one seemed as if they were looking for you so you didn't pay any attention to it. Harry although, got stopped from the security guards because he didn't have a ticket. So he ran past them and was being chased. Everyone was watching. When he came to your section, you were sitting, he immediately noticed you, stopped, and screamed your name. You turned around in awe that he was there, but you would never imagine him screaming your name in an airport while being chased by security. You go up to him and the both of you get kicked out from the airport. You two walk out laughing. His arm around you. You two are laughing together early in the morning from an airport after being chased by security guards. "Wow! What an amazing day?" You say. Harry looks at you and says, "Whatever I need to do for you is so worth it. Only because I love you." "I love you too!" He pulls you in for a deep kiss. By the time you guys end your conversation, you reach the hotel. When Liam and Danielle, especially Danielle, see you they hug you. Everything is perfect just until that morning. Here's what happened. Liam was in your room with Danielle and you were in Harry's room with Harry. you showed Harry your text from the anonymous number. He was really mad. You could tell by the looks of it. He asked if you had the number she/he called you with. Luckily, you didn't delete it. Harry dialed the number and he said it looked familiar. Then he remembered. That was Katie's number. He even checked on his phone. But it was exactly the same. You couldn't believe it. That is the bad thing. "Let it go. She won't do anything. Besides we don't even know if it's for sure her. We'll get your number changed tomorrow after the concert. Oh! OThat reminds me!" He takes out a bag. He gives it to you and you open it. It's a skirt with a nice top. "I love it thanks!" You smile and give him a kiss on the cheek. "What that's all I get?!" "Well I did bring one more thing..." "What's that?!" You stretch your arm behind you and grab a pillow and throw it at him. "THAT!" "Oh it's on!!" Harry's starts chasing you. While you two are busy playing, Liam and Danielle are talking to each other. Danielle opens her twitter and sees a these rude comments about her. There is this one which makes her feel bad about herself. That person cursed at her and gave her a death threat. Liam wasn't watching but when he came to her she immediately logged off. She felt really bad but ignored it. You were still in Harry's room watching TV . Later in the day, the boys had a concert, so for right now you took a nap. You are asleep for about twenty minutes. Until you wake up by a loud noise. It was actually Louis falling on the mini fridge next door. You sit up and realize you are in Harry's bed. You get up and look for the key to your room. You can't find it. So you decide to just knock and hope Danielle is there. And luckily, she is! You come inside and take a ten minute shower. Once you come out and dry your hair you hear a voice. It's Danielle. You look in the bathroom to check. Danielle is crying on the floor. Her tears filling up the bathroom. "Danielle. Omg! Are you ok?" "No!" She replies really softly. You go outside and think for a second. You go straight to Liam. You tell him everything and he goes ahead and talks to her. While Liam is calming Danielle down, you are in Harry's room pacing back and forth on the bed. You are thinking. What if she doesn't stop crying? Why is she crying? Did Liam do something to her? Did I do the wrong thing by telling Liam?" You have so many questions poping up in your head but you quickly cool down. Liam knock on the door and sits you down. He tells you everything he found out. About the twitter comments and stuff. Then he also tells you he wrote back to that person. You feel ashamed as a best friend not knowing about this stuff. You leave the room immediately to go comfort Danielle. But when you check she is sleeping. You wait half an hour before waking her up for their concert. When you get dressed into the clothes Harry gave you, someone slips a card that says: I know I already bought you clothes for the concert but there is a red carpet photo shoot after the concert, wear the red dress I got you for our first date:) -Harry AKA yours only I love you<3. You bring along a bag and have the dress in it to the concert. All of you leave for the concert two hours early. When all seven of you are there, you see fans coming in. They get all your auto graphs. Then a little kid behind you taps you and says, "Are you Emily?" You come down to oher height and nod. She shows you a camera. You take a picture of both of you. She takes the camera and has you sign a page of your picture. After you are done Harry whispers to you, "Feeling better?" You kiss him on the cheek and hear a picture being taken. You keep on walking with Harry. You finally reach backstage. "Woah! It's so big." You say as you walk in. Harry hugs you, "Oh.. Emily.. Don't get to used to it.." He pat your back and lets go and walks forward to put the microphone on. Harry and the boys test the microphones out and get it to the right pitch. Then they start their vocal exercises. You feel really bored so you decide to hang with Danielle.
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