It's Just The Way You Smile

Emily Is New To The Town- She Doesn't Have Any Idea Who Is Who. Yet, She Meets This Curly-Haired Boy Called Harry, Who Turns Her Life To A Beautiful Tale. Read To Find Out All The Obstacles Emily Went Through As Well As The Adventure! (:


34. Cheering Up!(:

Harry is getting his hair done but every time his hair dresser fixes it up he does his signature hair flip to ruin it. You and Danielle start laughing. Harry sees you two there and smirks at you. You smile at him and stand behind him. You signal his hair dresser to go while you do his hair. You mess it all up and then you tell him to close his eyes. You turn him to face you with his eyes closed. He doesn't recognize you. You grabbed hottest pink lipstick in the room and apply it on Harry. Some dark sparkly blue eyeshadow and some ultra neon green blush. When you finish the final touch ups on Harry, you bring his make up person and stand her right where you were and you run away!! But before you run, you take pictures on your phone. You laugh inside trying not to blurt it out. Harry's eyes are still closed. Then he opens them. He touches his face, some of the lipstick comes off. "Ewwww! What is this??!!" Harry looks at the mirror. He hears you laughing. "Did Emily do this?" He asks his makeup person. She nods and giggles. He gets up angrily. "Oh Emily! I am going to get you for sure!!!!" Your laughing leads him to you and he eventually catches up to you. He grabs you by he waist and spins you around. "Harry!! Let me go!" He holds you super tight and kisses you. After the kiss, he takes out his phone and takes an picture of you with all that make up on your face! "UGHH! Harry!!!!! You are so dead!" They are going to be on in ten, so you let him go. For now. He fixes up and gets on stage. Harry is the first to speak, "This is for my girlfriend, Emily! Love you babes!" Liam starts singing. "All those fans! Wow!! I'm surprised. Too bad Harry isn't single. Otherwise girls would be all over him." Danielle looks at you, "So true.""Okay.. What do you want to do now?" "Umm.. Ok. You tell me something about Harry I'll tell you something about Liam." "That sounds good. Ok.. Harry is a pervert." "Liam is too generous. The meanest thing he's done is not say bless you when someone sneezed." You look surprised. She can tell you don't really like this game. You dont like being bored in the back, so you go out in the crowd. You see Louis point at you. Then he taps Harry and you wave at them. Harry comes off stage. He grabs a red rose while singing and gives it to you and goes back up on stage. You smile at him and before he leaves for the stage, you whisper in his ear very quickly, "I love you!" He whispers back, "I love you too!" You blush and see all the fans stating at you. There is a five/six year old girl behind you. You give the rose to her. So many people come up to you for your autograph. Danielle soon comes too. Everyone runs up to you two. But the majority of the people there are still focused on the music playing. You two soon go back backstage.
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