It's Just The Way You Smile

Emily Is New To The Town- She Doesn't Have Any Idea Who Is Who. Yet, She Meets This Curly-Haired Boy Called Harry, Who Turns Her Life To A Beautiful Tale. Read To Find Out All The Obstacles Emily Went Through As Well As The Adventure! (:


13. Australia..

After the song, he kisses you. You guys get off stage. "I'm sorry!" "It's gonna take you A lot more than sorry!" "OK I will do anything to get you back!:)" he kisses you and takes you home. At home he helps you unpack, and he says goodbye. You never knew that was your last time seeing him, you didnt know he's leaving to Australia tomorrow. You are calling him and texting him over and over again. "Why won't he answer?" I thought you were back together," Eleanor said as she was speaking to you over the phone. "We were!.. I mean we are!!" "Then?..." "Then!!.. He shouldn't be ignoring me." "Well I got to go.. Good luck bye!" "Bye!" You shut your phone. "UGHHHHHH!!" You spend the next two lonely hours waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting for his call. Your phone rings. You check. It is HARRY!! You pick it up, "Where are you? Why haven't you answered any of my texts? I miss you! I'm sorry! I"-- he cuts you off "I'm sorry did I just hear I miss you coming from you? No.. That can't be true!!:P" "Shut up Harry!! Where are you?!" "Dont worry! I'm in Australia." "Australia?"your voice breaks down.
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