It's Just The Way You Smile

Emily Is New To The Town- She Doesn't Have Any Idea Who Is Who. Yet, She Meets This Curly-Haired Boy Called Harry, Who Turns Her Life To A Beautiful Tale. Read To Find Out All The Obstacles Emily Went Through As Well As The Adventure! (:


35. A BIG Surprise

Danielle and you waste time by leaving through the back door and roaming around. But before you two leave. You leave a note saying: Hey guys! It's Emily and Danielle. We are out. Call us if you need us! You two first leave to Starbucks and get some coffee and some brownies. You stay there and talk for about an half and hour. Then, out of no where, this guy comes up and pulls a chair next to Danielle. "Hey there. Having a conversation huh? Well. Count me in." He said facing Danielle. "Umm.. Im taken. And we're just about to leave anyways. So.. Good luck!" You two get up, push in your chairs and leave with your coffee in your hands. He was going to follow you out but Liam and Louis came and started walking and talking. "I saw the note. We had a break so I figured.." Liam said to us. You turned around and saw the guy coming toward you. "Guys, um.. The guy is coming over here. Help!" Louis puts his arm around you and tells you to giggle. You do as you are said. Once the guy sees you and Louis together he assumes and just walks away. "Thanks!" Louis smirks. "Ok. We gotta go back. You two coming?" Liam says. Danielle nods and the four of you leave back. You go through the back door. Manager comes in saying, "You're on in two!" Harry comes on the stage. "Give you this, Give you that, blow a kiss, take it back. If I look inside your brain I would find lots of things, clothes shoes diamond rings, stuff that's drivin' me insane. You could be preoccupied. Different date every night, you just gotta say the word. But you're not into them at all, you just want materials. I should know because I heard you say": And everyone comes in, "I want, I want, I want, but that's crazy. I want I want I want but that's not me!" They keep on singing. The next song comes on. Liam starts, "Now that's you cant have me, you suddenly want me. Now that I'm with somebody else you tell me you love me. I slept on your doorstep beggin' for one chance. Now that I finally moved on you say that you that you missed me all along. Who do you think you are? Who do you think I am? You only love to see me breaking, you only want me cause I'm taken. You don't really want my heart. Yea you just like to know you can. Still be the one that gets it breakin'. You only want me cause I'm taken." Harry comes on and you start clapping! "You're messing with my head. Girl, that's what you do best!" You have an idea. You take two big posters and tape them together. You write on them: HARRY + EMILY = ❤❤ Once you finish, you take it outside into the crowd and it is the tallest poster there! You think Harry saw it because he pointed at you during his song. They go through many songs. But after a long time, a really long time, they have to end and leave. You are in the back waiting by the edge of the exit where Harry is going to come out. Harry walks in when you scare him by jumping at him and kiss him passionately. During your long kiss, you signal Danielle to put a "I'm a dork! Kick me!" Sign on his back. You let go and Louis walks by from the back. "Hahaha!" He kicks Harry and Harry says, "Hey! What was that for?" Louis keeps on walking and laughs again. You giggle. "What?!" "Nothing!" He looks frustrated. You tell him to turn around. He does. You take the sign off and take him back to the hotel. It's night time now and Harry has set up a romantic date at the restaurant nearby. You are flattered but you wanted to save the dress for the after party. Harry then told you there was no after party. It was the date. You quickly changed and and got to your table. Over dinner, you talked a lot. After it was over he took you to a grassy land right under the stars. You saw them so brightly. You were in awe. You two spent so much time there and reached the hotel again by midnight. You hardly slept but when you woke up.. BAD NEWS!
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