Caster Direction

This is a beautiful Creatures Black Veil Brides and One Direction fan fiction. Sydney Duchannes daughter of Ethan Wate and Lena Duchannes is half caster and half mortal. She experiences different emotions when a new family moves into the Ravenwood manor.


2. 9.12

The door opened. "Hello I'm Lena Duchannes and these are my children Sydney and Cade." Mom said. "Hi." The lady said. She didn't look like a caster. She invited us in. We walked through the old house. As we walked into the kitchen. There sat five boys. "Boys these are our neighbors." The lady said. I saw my brother tense. I worried he's going to send an illusion and expose our cover. "Hi I'm Lena and these are my children Sydney and Cade." Mom said again. Cade and I stood still. "Well Im Dorthe Styles. And these are my Grandchildren. Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan." She added the last names. I didn't understand why but I felt a thunderstorm brewing, inside of me. My phone rang. "Hello." I answered. "Sydney! Guess what we have a gig tonight." My best friend Jake Pitts yelled. "I have to take this." I told Mom. She nodded. "Jakes thats great." I said. I loved his band Black Veil Brides. His lead singer was cute, but I'm not telling Jake that. "Yeah its at Ashlee Snow's party." He said. Ashlee Snow shes my brother's girlfriend and the sister of Jenna Snow. "I dunno Jakes you know how I feel about the Snows." I said. See Jake is my dad's best friend Link's stepson. So Jake knows about my family of Casters. In fact Link married my cousin Ridley but divorced a year later. "Come on Syd how many gigs do we get?" He pleaded. "Jakes your the best band in town." I reminded him. "Gronkowski will be there." Sold. Rob Gronkowski hottest football player in Gatlin. Ever. He's a sophomore and already starter on our varsity team. "Oh alright." I gave in. "Yes. See you at nine." And he hung up. I walked back in. "So a party." The kid Harry said. "Yeah-wait how'd you know?" I asked. "Im a telepath." He said. "Actually. The boys are all telepaths and Im a siren. You two are Naturals and your boy is an illusionist." Dorthe said.

"How?" Mom asked.
"The trances you give off." Dorthe said. 
Weird. Just weird.
"Mom can I go to the party?" I asked.
"Bring Harry." She said
"But mom!" I complained.
"To bad he's going, case closed." She said.
Harry looked at me.
"So when's the party?"


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