Caster Direction

This is a beautiful Creatures Black Veil Brides and One Direction fan fiction. Sydney Duchannes daughter of Ethan Wate and Lena Duchannes is half caster and half mortal. She experiences different emotions when a new family moves into the Ravenwood manor.


1. 9.12

My father Ethan Lawson Wate wanted to be the first of Gatlin to leave. Then he met my mother Lena Duchannes and they stayed in Gatlin. They moved into my fathers house they Wate household. They had to children me Sydney Duchannes and Cade Wate. We are half human and half caster the first of our time.
I'm the most popular student in Gatlin. They no longer think of my mother as a witch. No thats the new 'family' there is six of them. They moved into Ravenwood Manor. No one can live in Ravenwood unless they are a caster. They are the most hated in the town.
"Sydney! Breakfast!" Mom yelled.
My bedroom is my dad's old housekeeper's, Amma's room. I've met her only once and shes creepy to me.
"Sydney!" She yelled again.
I moaned as I got up. I don't know why she's yelling its a Sunday. I walked into the kitchen. I saw my mother's gold and green eyes. Thats when I needed to ask her something.
"Mom?" I asked.
"Yes sweetie." She replied.
"If I turn Dark would I still be accepted?" I ask.
Since Im only half caster I can live with my parents. I think.
"Sweetie. You have no trace of Darkness in you." She said.
"Thats not my question." I told her.
It took her long to answer.
"If you or your brother turn Dark. I will always love and accept you." She told me.
Mom was neither Dark or Light our family calls her Neutral. She told me that the first Natural in our family goes Dark, the second choses. She says since she didn't really 'choose', I get to. I forgot to mention I'm a Natural. My brother is an Illusionist.
"Cade Ethan Wate get your butt out of bed!" She yelled up the stairs.
"Where are we going anyway?" I asked.
"Ravenwood." She said while putting french toast on my plate.
"What, why?" I said surprised.
"Why not."
"Do you think they're casters too?" I ask.
"I have a hunch."
My brother walked down the stairs. The thirteen year old never looked more tired in his life.
"Mom! Its Sunday!" He yelled.
"I know we're going to Ravenwood today to welcome our new neighbors." She says.
He sat down with his plate full of eggs and toast on the side. The phone rang. Mom answered it.
"Hello this is the new neighbors you cant come over." The phone call said.
Mom hung up the phone.
"Cade Ethan Wate." She said.
"What?" He asked.
"Do not use your illusions on me." She said.
I finished eating and put my plate in the sink.
"Mom, so I have to go." I complained.
"Yes now get dressed." She demanded.
When I walked into my room. There was pictures all over it. Mostly of Ross Lynch he's a hottie. And the rest of R5. I dressed into my New England Patriots Tom Brady Jersey and my schools basketball shorts. I brushed brown hair. I had my dad's hair color and my mom's green eyes. I walked into the living room.
"Sydney." Mom said as she saw me.
"What?" I asked.
She shook her head at me. Once when Cade came down the stairs we went to Ravenwood.
After my grandma Sarafine died only light casters could cross on Ravenwood or say Macon to enter.
"Macon." We all said at once.
Mortals cannot enter as well, unless you say Macon. We knocked on the door.
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