Last First Kiss

A love Story. To do with One Direction.


5. :(

I rang Perrie up the morning to see what was wrong. i got the answer to my queston; but her mum had to tell me face to face so i ran round her house quick. I sat down in the chair with just her mum in the room, she said to me " last week we found out that Perrie has been diagnosed with cancer, and that she only has 4 months to live, she will be tellng people tomorrow so keep it a secret until then. this may be hard for you, but we have to put a brave face on for her ". i sat ther crying then breathed and wiped the tears from my eyes, i put on the braviest face and said " i will be here for her 100% of the way, and make these last 4 months the best of her life " her mum smiled and gave me a massive hug.

I then walked upstairs to Perri's room. She was sat their crying,i sat on her bed and hugged her tight and said " im here for you 100% of the way these last 4 months wll be the best of you're life, you may loose you're hair and you're appetite but you will still be beautiful and have the biggest heart ever. im here with you. "

I spent the whole day at hers, tomorrow she has a check up at the hospital, they invited me to come with her. so i said i will, tomorrow everyone will find out, which will be hard for her but she can do it. When i told my mum she said i will be a good supporter and that she is here for her too. im going to get her some of her favourite chocalate tomorrow to cheer her up, because i know that it will put a smile on her face.!

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