Last First Kiss

A love Story. To do with One Direction.


12. The day has come :(

I never thought i could miss someone so much in my life! Perrie Louise Edwards passed away last night at 18:30 i was on my way to the hospital i got their, her mum was their crying the nurse explained everything to me. I cried and cried, im scared to go out into the street now, i knew the time was coming but it was 4 days earlier than we thought. I dont know what im going to do, right now im crying, thinking about it makes me scream inside.  havent been feelin well because of this my mum said it's normal but i hate it. She was my first proper girlffriend, the one i loved and adored, you cant go throught this no one should have to go through it. It's horrible. I have a big gcse tomorrow and i dont want to do it, after everything but its for my future im gonna have to:/

Whilst i was with Perrie we made a scrap book together with all the memories we did! All the photos we took, and everything. Im looking throuh it now and thinking why dd she get bullied before i met her, why? there is nothing wrong with her, people should give people a chance to judge them on what they wear, or look like! Its horrible, what if that was you?

Perrie's mum is going to have a date for the funeral soon, it should be in 2 weeks luckily by then all my gcse's will be over, which is good. I buying some aload of flowers and someones going to make it into a shape of a heart in the middle of that it will say "girlfriend " This will be next to her grave. My mum is planning it.  hate thinking of all of this just wish she was still here.

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