Last First Kiss

A love Story. To do with One Direction.


1. Jazz Muffin

Zayn, Zayn Malik is 13 and he is still waiting to have his first ever kiss! He likes girls with dark hair, and that act their self around him. He has only ever had 1 girlfriend, which lasted a month but they had a fall out because she was talking to other boys, since then he's been too scared to get a girlfriend.

Yesterday at school he was walking with some friends and this girl tripped over and everyone laughed at her. Zayn ran over to her and helped her up. " are you okay? " he asked the girl, " yeah, thank you! " He walked her to her next lesson. when she left Zayn gave her his number. Since then Zayn is waiting for that 1 text from her.

The next day she still hadnt text but when he got into school he saw her. Zayn ran over to her and said " i thought you were going to ring?" " im so sorry i have no credit " she replied so she gave Zayn her number. After School they met up, they went and got a smoothie then had a walk in the park.

                                                                                   ***2 Weeks Later***

Zayn and Perrie ( the girl he met ) have been dating for a week and after school they are going to the cinema to watch Madagasca 3. What Perrie dosnt knoow is that Zayn has got her a necklace in the shape of a heart and he has put a picture of him and her in from the other day.

Yesterday Zayn had his first kiss! he is so happy because with a girl that he actully really likes. Perrie isnt that popular at school she has 2 friends " Jade and Chloe " but Zayn is really popular.

The next day when Zayn woke up he text Perrie sayiing " Good Morning Beautiful xxx" when he got to school he met her outside the school gates, he then had his 2nd kiss! He actully has a proper relationship.

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