Last First Kiss

A love Story. To do with One Direction.


2. Jazz Muffin 2

3 Months Later

Zayn has a nickname for Perrie it's " Jazz Muffin ". The reason being is because they went and got a muffin the other day and they got the jazz one which has stuck in their head so Zayn has his own Jazz Muffin.


I never relised what it was like to be in a real relationship where we are our selfs around each other, and loove each other so much that sometimes it hurts. It's been 3 months and 2 weeks, and it's been the best time of my life so far. we've been to the fair,shopping,for food, and loads more. It's valentine's day in 5 days, and i want to get her a special gift for her to remember. I was thinking of getting her Olly Murs Concert tickets as she loves him. Im in a band with 4 of my best friends Harry,Louis,Liam and Niall. We have done some gigs for the school and stuff but because were onlly 14 its not much at the moment.

Valentines day this year is going to be something special deffiantly!

Yesterday i said about getting Perrie Olly Murs concert tickets, well earlier i brought her tickets to see him the 4th row to the front. it was the best i could get but i do hope she likes it, im also getting her some chocolates and a charm to add to her bracelet she has. Im taking her to the concert it's the day after valetiines day, and i have a surprise for her when we get their but im not goig to write it down yet, because i dont want her to find my diary then read it.

Valentines Day.

We have the day of school and later oon theirs a disco at the school so me and the boys are singing their. but im going to meet Perrie in a hour, were going to go and get a smoothie and go to the park like we did when we first met.

5 hours late.

Me and Perrie are at my house and she's downstairs getting a drink quickly so i thouught i would tell you what happened. when i went round hers to get her earlier, i gave her the tickets and chocalate she is so excited for tomorrow. She said it' going to be the best exspierance of her life, and she's spending it with the love of her life.

I have to go as i see her coming and we have to get ready for the disco. Bye.XD


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