Last First Kiss

A love Story. To do with One Direction.


10. Hospital stay

we went to the hospital today for a check up, Perrie has gotton worse she's staying over night because there is something the nurse isnt telling us because she is watching Perrie 24/7. Im not staying over tonight Perrie wants to rest and have time alone so shes going to be on her own. She has 2 weeks left and she is slowly getting weeker and weeker by the minute. its horrible to see someone you love go through this. People laugh at her because of it and some people care. we ignore the hate and look at the love, but i have a feeling Perrie will be in hospital for the whole time she has left:(

I hate leaving her but i know that she will be happier! The funderaising has been goin so well! i actully really enjoy it but at the same time i have gcse's, band practices and performances, and looking after Perrie!xox

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