Last First Kiss

A love Story. To do with One Direction.


3. Disco and Concert

Perrie has become really popual since we been together which im s happy about as she has many friends here for her now. This proves that if you give people a chance they can be nice. At the disco tonight i said that last first kiss was for her she blushed and smiled and cried near the end because it was cute.

I love Perrie with all my heart thats why i gave her tickets to see Olly Murs which is for tomorrow were going to get the train to Exeter and stay over night in a hotel with myy 20 year old cousin which is alright. I cant wait for tomorrow because her mum is so happy that she's back to her old self because she started getting picked on when her dad died, which is so sad so im going to treat her well so that shes happy and she has such an amazing personality.

**The next morning**

I going to pick up Perrie in 5 minute with my cousin were off to get the train im so excited, as i quite like Olly Murs if im honest with you. He is very inspirational and im hoping to be like that when im older. Perrie is my first ever girlfriend that has actully lasted and that i have acted myself around, which i enjoy because else we will never know eahc others real personalitys.

Im off now i will take this with me so i can tell you everything. Xoxo

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