Last First Kiss

A love Story. To do with One Direction.


4. Concert

The concert was amazing Olly was fantastic, his dancing wasnt too bad! Perrie loved it. Her surprise went so well! i took her round near ollys changin rooms pretending it was the toilets then Ollyy walked out the changing rooms, she screaed and rn up to him. He said you must be Perrie, she looked shocked and said " how did you know?" " Your amazing boyfriend Zayn, anyway would you like some utographs and pictures taken?" replied Olly.

As the night went on we talked to Olly met his band, it was amazng. After then at about 12 o clock e went back to the hotel with my cousin, we had fish and chips then went straight to sleep. In the mornng i woke up early so  got dressed and went and brought some mc donnalds breakfast when i got back Perrie woke up. i gave her the breakfast she kissed me and said thank you.

I know that were only 14 nearly 15 but this is a true relationship, i must admitt.

We went shopping in the town centre, Then we got the train back. it was 6 at night when we got back, i took Perrie home. That night was special and weird because beforee i left she hugged me and said " i love you, thank you your the best thing that has ever happened to me dont forget that  never want to loose you even tho i might " then she went. Im slightly worried about why she said the end part and i cant sleep thats why im up writing,  cant get the words out of my head im worried.

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