Last First Kiss

A love Story. To do with One Direction.


6. Cancer

2 days ago i went with Perrie and her mum to the hospital for a check up, she's doing fine but in ths week sometime she could start losing her hair. She's dreading it but she will still be beautiful no matter what!

In assembly yesterday at school the head teacher spoke to the whole school about cancer, then at the end of it he mentioned Perrie and that when she comes back into school later on in the day make her feel welcome. I was shaking as everyone was looking at me. After assembly everyone came upto me and asked if i was ok, all the attention i got wow! But Perrie got loads more, after all the attention her tutor let just me and her in the tutor so that it's quiet and not noisey.

Perrie is really scared about losing her hair, she dosnt want to. She been going through some pain lately, she keeps getting tummy pains, feels like she's going to be sick. The nurse said that their normal so its okay, she only comes into school for half the day, but next month she's not coming in at all.

Tomorrow im taking her shopping, were going to get some scarfs for when she does start losing her hair. We're also just having a day of spending money and spending time with each other, so bye x

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