Last First Kiss

A love Story. To do with One Direction.


8. Cancer with a heart

Lately i have found Perrie crying because she's lost her hair and she's scared so for my charity i am going to shave all my hair off. This way  raise money and Perrie dont feel lonely and upset all the time. Im going to have it shaved off in town in the middle of the street. their will be a bucket next to me for people to put money in if they want. Perrie will be their and this is happening on Saturday, its Thursday now so ts not that long. I did a sponsored run the other day  raised £384 and their was 3 people doing it with me all together we raised £984. Im amazed with all this money. Every week im going to do something for money and then take it to the hospital that are helping Perrie. I took the £984 i raised to the hospital, when i got their they were so amazed with how much  raised, with that money they have brought a new bed for people with cancer to sleep on.

I was in the paper yesterday because of how much i raised and about the charity. i have 3 boys and 5 girls that are going to shave their hair off for Perrie on saturday too. If theirs 9 of us, in town shaving our hair off then we will defiantly get more than we raised last time. The hospital are so happy with how much i have raised and with what im doing. Im nearly 15, well im 15 in 7 months.

Its been 2 months since Perrie got diagnoised so she only has 3 months to liive :( so far she said its been the best time ever! with all the support were both so thankfull.

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