Last First Kiss

A love Story. To do with One Direction.


9. A Change

Lately i have seen a massive change in Perrie. She snt eating much anymore, she isnt finding alot of stuff funny and she's sleeping alot! i hate seeing her in pain its the worst thing to see. I dont know what i will do when she goes, its the worst thing. Why does this have to happen to her? just why? no one deserves to have cancer or to know someone with it, its horrible.

My charity is going well. It's really good at the moment. all togeth so far  have raiised arund £5555 its amazing, i actully cant believe it. Perrie is so proud of me, but im proud of her, shes having such a hard time lately.

I have all my GCSE's coming up in 2 months and Perrie has 1 and a half months left! its gonna be hard to focus. I dont want all this to happen at the same time. I really dont!

Well anyway tomorrow were going into hospital with Perrie shes having anouther check up, she may have to stay in over night. But i will be with her, and her mum will. Im going to get a early night tonight as tomorrow will be a tired day and night so off i go now byee.xx


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