Last First Kiss

A love Story. To do with One Direction.


11. 1 week left

I havent been writing for a while because Perrie has been in hospital i have had gcse's and its all stressfull but its my last week now until she goes but the doctors have said that she's better than she was 2 weeks ago. She started having fits last saturday but they have stopped now. Im taking her into Plymouth tomorrow shopping we're staying over night, but we have to have a nurse with us at all times. But luckily she's a good friend her names Kelly. It's an hour and a half drive their, and back it's an hour because we have to go straight to hospital instead of home. I know that the time is going where Perrie will just pass away but i dont like to think of it. i dont want it to happen i love her too much im 16 now, why do i have to through this. Perrie's family have been very supportive like family to me now. My mum has been supportive is well and my dad.

My mum has givven me £100 and Perrie has give me £100 for tomorrow in Plymouth, were going to have £100 each and we will add our money ninto it so Perrie has £570 i have £428 most of my money will go towards food. Because im not a big shopping fan. The thing that Perrie dosnt know is that Olly Murs is going to be in Plymouth at the time, and im going to find him for her.

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