My sister!

Do u have sister? I do!
She is sooo annoying! Don't you admit.
The problem is that we are the total opposite from each other.


4. Say Goodbye

I cant belive my sister gets to go to hawaii! Dont you think its unfair? Because I think its so unfair!!!

Plus I will defently like it more than she ever will. Anyway what has Mary done to deserve this holiday? Great... now I have to  stay at home all by myself because dads has to go to work and my grandpa Joe is flirting around with his new girlfriend, Elizabeth, who is 81.


It is 8:20am and Mum and Mary are about to go to Hawaii. Everyone said bye... but me. Mum give me a big hug and a yucky squishy kiss, eww.

We all looked out of the window mum waved , Mary waved. We all waved.



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