My sister!

Do u have sister? I do!
She is sooo annoying! Don't you admit.
The problem is that we are the total opposite from each other.


3. It's so not fair!!

"MUM!" I shouted, "How come you and Mary get to go to Hawaii, and me, grandad and dad have to stay at home?!?! "Well I was thinking like I don't work I should just go somewhere and Mary has tidied her room and hasn't been in detention once, as for you, you have been in detention more than 10 times, so I think that you should go to bed now. YOUR GROUNDED!!" "IT'S SOOO NOT FAIR!!!" I screamed, " Mary is your favourite child."

"That is so not true, now go to bed!"

I stomped up to my room and slammed the door behind me.

This is going to be the worst summer EVER!!
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