Accidental Fate

Alice's life was nothing close to perfect. During her early teen years her heart had ben broken by none other than Harry Styles. Once her best friend/crush auditioned for the X-factor neither of their lives would ever be the same. Would fate mend their broken hearts back together or were they simply not meant to be?


30. The noise

Liam's POV:
Hours later Niall and I's plane arrive in a remotely small town in China. Deciding we should start searching we made ourselves to the main square of the run down, dirty, town. After about 3 hours of searching we decided to rent a hotel for the night, having no hope of finding Alice. Soon we were settled in and I was about to fall asleep when Niall announced he was going to find a restaurant. I assured him to be safe and with that he left me with my thoughts and fears.

Niall's POV:

After searching awhile we began to lose hope. So once we got to our hotel I was to depressed to sleep, so of course I went to find a decent area for food. Although as I was walking down the street unable to understand any of the words the people in the streets were speaking, a sound stood out to me. The familiar cry of a girl. Curious I looked around for the source of the depressing noise. Then, I saw it. A girl in tattered clothes crying in front of a large building. Being the softie I am, I walked over to aid in her sorrow.

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