Accidental Fate

Alice's life was nothing close to perfect. During her early teen years her heart had ben broken by none other than Harry Styles. Once her best friend/crush auditioned for the X-factor neither of their lives would ever be the same. Would fate mend their broken hearts back together or were they simply not meant to be?


16. Should I Or Should I Not?

Harry's POV:
Ew I feel gross, I haven't showered since I left on the plane. I guess I'll shower since im obviously not tired anymore. And with that I got in the shower.

Alice's POV:
Wow I was kind of rude to Lily earlier. I wonder if she's still awake, its only 11pm. I guess ill go see.

"Lily??" I exclaimed looking through every room."Uggggg shes not here!"

"Well then she left, and im pretty sure I know where she is, the boy's room. Considering im not tired anymore I guess ill head up to their flat and hang out with everyone, remembering Harry he sleeps when he's depressed so I wont have to worry about him!" I thought as I threw on my slip-on's and started up to the boy's flat. I remember hearing something about them being on floor 30 or something.

Harry's POV:
Scrub-a-dub-dub cleaning myself in the shower! Clean Clean Clean now Harry's all clean!!!! AHHHH how refreshing!

Alice's POV:
"Alright floor 30, hmmm which room could be theirs? Well lets see its  probably the one with the giant doors that say 1D In gold letters, haha how legit. Swerve im good." I thought out loud as I opened the doors, wow they really should learn to lock their doors!

"HELLO?" I called as I stepped inside. WOW they think its funny to hide from me, haha I guess this is some game or something.

"OKAY HERE I COME GUYS!" I yelled as I walked around the flat.

"LILY, LOU, NIALL, LIAM, ZAYN? GUYS?" Ugggggh where could they be. And then I turned into a long hallway, jackpot this is where the bedrooms must be! So I began walking down the hall way, when I was half way down it I heard a door open up form behind me, Turning around to see who it was I ran into someone who was...wet? Then I slipped on a puddle of water and was pulled down with whoever it was.

Harry's POV:
Well great I was naked walking back to my room and I guess I assumed wrong thinking all the lads were asleep, because I ran into someone and we tripped and fell down.

"Hey I thought you were all asleep???!"  I laughed then looked up. "OH SHIT!"

"ALICE! Uhhh what are you doing here???!" I was shocked, trying to cover myself.

"Uhhh I was looking for Lily and the boys but uhhh I guess they're not here..." She was beat red, haha this is embarrassing.

"Lily?? Whos that? And the boys are sleeping, so I thought?" Im so confused.

"Well uh shes my friend and shes kind friends with the boys now...." She mumbled. "Harry, as flattering as this is, could you uhhh maybe get off me?"
Oh crap I was on top of her, naked. Not good.

"Oh you know you like it!" I winked.

"Yeah, think what you want curly, now get off!!!"She practically shouted. SO I did, unfortunately.

Alice's POV:
Well that was awkward, but god I forgot how hot he was. At one moment I was practically starring at him.

"Well uuhhh I guess ill be going now..." I mumbled, not really wanting to leave.

"OH ermmm bye?" He mumbled back. I began walking towards the door."WAIT! Uhhh Alice?"
"Can we please talk?"
"Sure, Harry, But please, put some clothes on!" I exclaimed, honestly I cant stay mad at him forever.

"Oh yeah right..." His face got red and he looked down as he talked. Damn he has a nice body! And with that he turned away and walked toward his room. I forgot how much I missed him. Should I forgive him or not? Uuuhhhhgggg this is a hard decision.




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