Accidental Fate

Alice's life was nothing close to perfect. During her early teen years her heart had ben broken by none other than Harry Styles. Once her best friend/crush auditioned for the X-factor neither of their lives would ever be the same. Would fate mend their broken hearts back together or were they simply not meant to be?


12. Pool..Fun?

"Alright ready!" I exclaimed walking out into the living room. I was wearing a striped (Blue and White) Bikini, with a cover-up over it.

"Me too!" Lil said flashing me a huge smile. She was wearing a green and pink polka dot bikini with a cover-up also.

"Gosh were hot!" I joked.

"I know I am!" Lil joked back I just nudged her and we walk out the door.

"So which pool should we go to? The pool on the roof or the pool inside?" I questioned.

"Uhhhh on the roof! Duhh! At night they have Aton of cool lights hanging up and stuff!" Lily replied.

"Alrrriiighhhhty then floor 23 here we come!" I exclaimed while hitting the button.

"So what are you gonna do when you do see Harry again?" Lilly broke the silence while we rode up on the elevator.

"I don't know...I guess ignore him..." I started.

"You know that's not going to work forever, Al..."She sighed.

"I knooow...I just want to live for the moment right now. Im back in my country and im not going to let some silly popstar get in the way of that!" I said holding my head high.

"You cant deny that he's more than some silly popstar to you...As much as you say you hate him you know deep down you want him back in your life..."She started.

"Yeah Lily so much for getting him off my mind and enjoying the rest of the night." I mumbled.

"Sorry!! Its just I know you. And I know you still love him. Because honestly when you and Austin broke up you got over it and didn't always say how you hate him and always talk about his flaws. If you really didn't like Harry you wouldn't be constantly thinking about his negatives." She pointed out.

"Okay, sorry I do like him, a lot. Its just he broke my heart and I don't know if I could let him back in my life that easy. Because knowing him he'll dump me for some model or go around having one night stands. He's a womanizer Lil, hes changed since primary school.

"And you've actually experienced him doing these things in person?" She asked.

" But magazines and online articles have enough evidence." I shot back.

"You cant always trust what you read Alice!" She started when finally we reached the top floor.

"Thank god were here.Now I can have fun and not worry about Harry. Hey who knows maybe theres some hot guys up here!' I exclaimed to Lil.

"Yeah, now come on!" She exclaimed pulling me out of the elevator.

"Woah." We both said in unison. "This is amazing!"
It was amazing, the pool was huge and since it was night the stars blissfully glistened above us as party lights draped along the walls and above the pool. The pool water glistened different colors from the various lights and the multi colored sprinklers in the center.

"Come on lets get in!" I exclaimed while pulling my cover up off and setting my stuff in a near by chair.

"wow I cant believe were the only people here right now!" Lily exclaimed.

"Yeah I guess since this is a 5 star hotel that all the rich people are to scared to ruin their hair dos or something!" I laughed as I ran towards the diving board.

"Watch me do my backflip!" I screamed then hopped off the diving board.

"Niiiiiice, but not good as this!" She exclaimed while I popped up from below the water. She then ran off the diving board and did a perfect double back flip showing me up.

"Damn you and your cheerleading!" I shouted at her.

"HAHA that's what you get for being a softball player!" She laughed back.

We splashed around and had who can swim the fastest contests for a well hour until we decided it was hot tub time.

"Lets go to the hot tub!"Lily exclaimed.

"Sounds good!" I replied.

"AHHHHH jets! This is amazing on my back!" She moaned.

"Oh boy this is the shit!" I replied And we both laughed then relaxed in the soothing water.

Suddenly we were interrupted by the elevator opening and aton of boys running out of it.

"Well so much for relaxing..."I mumbled to Lil.

"Yeah, but hey I think we found our hot guys!" She laughed back. "I call the Blondie!"
"Hey no fair he's pretty cute!" I laughed as we watched them jump in the pool, I guess they were to busy shouting to notice us.

"These guys look oddly familiar..."I started, just then the elevator door dinged again and someone else stepped out in only swim trunks, damn he has a nice body. He was talking on the phone and looked upset and mad. Once the boy stepped out of the elevator I knew exactly who it was. Harry.





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