Accidental Fate

Alice's life was nothing close to perfect. During her early teen years her heart had ben broken by none other than Harry Styles. Once her best friend/crush auditioned for the X-factor neither of their lives would ever be the same. Would fate mend their broken hearts back together or were they simply not meant to be?


7. Plane Ride

Okay! Heres a chapter!

GOSH! I don't know this guy but hes keeping me awake with his annoying snoring! I need sleep too ya know!

"uhhhhm excuse me sir." I said tapping on his shoulder.

"Whuu?" he questioned, startled from being woke up.

"Can you please control your snoring? Its keeping me awake!" I exclaimed.

"Oh uh sorry..." He mumbled.

"You know its super hot in here and its dark! Why the need for sunglasses and a hoodie?" Yeah im nosey, get over it.

"I have a pretty ugly face...I don't want anyone to see it." He mumbled.

"NONSNCE! Now get these off you're going to melt!" I exclaimed pulling his hood down and taking his sunglasses off, he was so sweaty..EW!
"There you happy? Now everyone's going to know who I am!" I whispered.

"What do you mean?" I was confused. "Oh my gosh...Youre Harry Styles?" Great he probably doesn't recognize me.
"Yeah..."He mumbled.

"Well that's just peachy!" I snapped then turned around to "sleep." This boy ruined my life, and now he doesn't even recognize me! WHAT A PRICK!



Harry's Pov:

Jeez whats her problem? She was so chatty then she saw it was me and got all pissy and crap. Oddly, though, she looks familiar.Why is that?
"Hey...erm are you okay?" I said tapping her shoulder. She just fake snored. "Alright, I'll leave you alone then jeez."

I guess ill just get some sleep since its obvious she wont be talking to me. Too bad she's kind of...well pretty.


Sorry this is lame, its just a filler chapter! I have to go now because I have school! I'll write a few long chapters after! Thanks lovelies!(:xx

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