Accidental Fate

Alice's life was nothing close to perfect. During her early teen years her heart had ben broken by none other than Harry Styles. Once her best friend/crush auditioned for the X-factor neither of their lives would ever be the same. Would fate mend their broken hearts back together or were they simply not meant to be?


15. Phase One

Lily's POV:
Alright phase one; get Alice asleep so she wont suspect a thing when I leave. Alright here we go.

"ALLLIIIICE!" I called when I walked through the door of our suite She ignored me.

"Come on Alice, don't ignore me!"

"What do you want?" She asked rudely from the living room.

"Come on lets watch a movie, and just forget everything that's happened tonight." I suggested.

 "No, im mad at you." She mumbled.

"Fine what are you going to do then, sit in your room by yourself?" I asked.

"I'm going to bed, its been a long day."She walked off to the kitchen.

"Your room isn't in the kitchen!" I yelled at her laughing.

"You know I always eat before I go to bed..." She mumbled, grabbing a piece of cold pizza from earlier.

"Good night, Lily. Sorry I just have a lot going through my mind right now and I need rest." She explained then walked off to here room, wow I guess getting her to sleep was easier then I expected! Time to text the boys.

"Night Ally!" I called back to her then pulled out my phone.

To; Carrot Eater, Mr.Liamawesomepants, FoodHoran, and Sexy'sTheName:

Hey stage one; get Alice asleep was a success!:D -Lil

Niall's POV:

All of us lads, except harry, got a text from Lily. WOW she already got Alice asleep, we haven't even talked to Harry yet! Well better get going on that now.

"Hey Harry whats wrong mate?" I asked Harry who was laying on his bed.

"Nothing." He shot back.

"Come on you know you can tell us anything!" I said.

"Seriously its nothing now get out of my fucking room!" Wow he was mad.

"You love her don't you?"
"I said get out." He grumbled.

"You do love her don't you?" I smirked.

"Yeah and I messed it all up! I'm such a dick and now she'll never take me back!" He sobbed? Wow Harry's never cried like that.

"Honestly, if you were meant to be together than fate wouldn't have brought you to the same country and the same hotel!" I exclaimed. He was just quiet, thinking I suppose.

"Well you better get some rest were going to do something fun tomorrow!"I explained.

"Fine, im tired anyway." He groaned as I left the room. PHASE ONE COMPLETE!
Louis' POV:


I hope Niall finds a way to get Harry to sleep. HAHA Were such nice friends we made him try getting him to sleep first....

"Phase one complete!" Niall grinned coming out into the living area. Wow he actually did it.

"Nice job mate! Now come on lets call Lily!" I exclaimed and pulled out my phone dialing Lily.

"Hey" She answered.

"Hey meet us at our flat, Room 1A on floor 30!" I exclaimed.

"Alright be there in a minute!" She exclaimed then hung up.

"Lilys here!" Liam exclaimed and we stepped out into the hall.

"So whats the plan?" She asked.

"We have no idea, we thought you would know!!!"Zayn exclaimed

"Well greaaaaat. This is going to be harder than we thought." She sighed.

"Here lets go somewhere private and figure something else." Liam said.

"Yeah, here lets go to the pool!!!" I exclaimed.

"Alright lets go to the pool on the roof!" She laughed as we made out way to the elevator, this is going to take a lot of hard thinking!!



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