Accidental Fate

Alice's life was nothing close to perfect. During her early teen years her heart had ben broken by none other than Harry Styles. Once her best friend/crush auditioned for the X-factor neither of their lives would ever be the same. Would fate mend their broken hearts back together or were they simply not meant to be?


50. Not sure where this could go..

A/N: Yes, the name of the chapter is "Not sure where this could go." BECAUSE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M GOING TO WRITE FOR THIS CHAPTER :0 Okay lets see how this goes....

No one's POV:

Tina and Karen's plans were working better than planned. Alice passed out from terror and shock, Liam took Alice's bullet, Zayn, Louis, Lily and Niall were locked up in a "terrible" place, and the pills should be jacking up Harry's memory any minute now. Yes, Lily did wake back up, she was just knocked out for a second from the puch, but they just locked her up with Niall, Louis, and Liam. Meanwhile, the lads in the closet were failing epically at constructing a plan to save them and their mates. The boys and Lily, who were losing hope, didn't expect help to find way. Along all the chaos, Liam was losing an immense amount of blood from the gun wound, hi time was ticking. Harry's time was also scarce as the pills would soon begin to take full effect, whipping away all his precious memories, even his best mates and the girl he loves. Fortunately, Alice remains unharmed, for now. Only time can tell what will happen to the seven best friends, who were hoping for a blissful fate.

A/N: I know. That was lame. You can shoot me now:/ I'm on summer break now so I can stay up late typing! WHOOP! So yes, that means I will type more tonight to make up for this rotten piece of pig poo with dead bugs and cow mucus in it of a chapter.

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