Accidental Fate

Alice's life was nothing close to perfect. During her early teen years her heart had ben broken by none other than Harry Styles. Once her best friend/crush auditioned for the X-factor neither of their lives would ever be the same. Would fate mend their broken hearts back together or were they simply not meant to be?


40. Late night Visitor

Niall's POV;

I cant wait until Lily gets here! Everyone's going to be so surprised!

Alice's POV:
Haha I guilted Harry into cooking us all breakfast! Hey better him than me, right!? Meanwhile, me and the lads are playing sorry while he cooks, haha.

"CHEATER!" Louis yells.

"NO! I got a sorry card! Therefore I can put your guy in home and my guy can take yours' place!!" Zayn yelled.

"He's right..." Liam sighed.

"Youre all cheaters!!" Louis yelled.

"NO that's how the game's played!" I laughed.

"It is, mate!" Niall laughed.

"FAVORTISM! You just want Zayn to win!!!!" Louis yelled.

"BABY!" I yelled back.

"CHEATER!" Lou yelled.

"No we only speak the truth!!!!" Zayn laughed.

"Can handle the truth, huh?" Liam playfully punched Louis.  

"I QUIT!" Louis yelled flipping the game board and pieces off the table.

"HEY! Pick that all up now!" Niall shouted.

"no." Louis pouted as he plopped on the couch to watch the telly.

"We need a woman to clean this up." Liam stated.

"HARRRRRRY!" Niall yelled.

"Heyy are you saying im not a woman?" I gasped.

"Weeeellllll......."Zayn rolled his tongue.

"Yes?" Harry said running out of the kitchen.

"We need to woman of the house to clean up this mess!" Liam exclaimed.

"Okay tell the only woman in this house to clean it up!" harry said breathlessly looking at me.

"Okay, we just did. Now clean it up!" Niall laughed.

"Helllllllllllo!? What am I!" I laughed.

"A person?" Zayn asked.

"A man?" Niall laughed

"HEY! Not nice!" I pouted.

"I told you they aren't nice!" Lou yelled from the other room.

"Fine, if we say youre a woman will you clean it up?" Liam asked.

"No that wouldn't be right, since you guys are women ya'll should clean it up!" exclaimed.

"Ya'll? Geez country much?" Harry laughed.

"HEY! You know im from the South in America! I cant help it!" I laughed.

"Excuses, excuses, cow girl!" Harry laughed.

"Whatever, now come on ladies chop chop clean this up!" I laughed.

"I'M ON KITCHEN DUTY ALREADY!" Harry yelled running to the kitchen.

"Well looks like its up to you 3!" I exclaimed walking to the living room.
"And what are you doing?" Niall asked.

"Going to do the mans job, sit my lazy bum on the couch and watch the telly!" I laughed and walked away.

"Damn, shes good." I heard Liam gasp as I turned around feeling victorious.

And the rest of the day went by lazily. We ate, watched tv and played video games. It was now dark outside and we were watching Nightmare On Elm Street.

"AHHHHH!" I screamed at a scary part and accidently elbowing Harry(I was sitting on his lap)

"OWCH!" He whimpered.

"Oh sorry." I laughed.

"It hurts!!!!!! I need a kiss to make it better!" Harry fake cried.

"Alright, Lou!!! Harry needs a kiss!" I laughed.

"IM ON IT!" He shouted pushing me off Harry then "kissing" him(its was a fake kiss)

"All better?" I asked hopping back on Harry.

"Almost." He smirked kissing me.

"Hey! I never gave you permission to do that!" I laughed.

"Well looks like you didn't have a choice." He grinned then we went back to watching the movie, me cowering in Harrys chest.

Now it was about half way through the movie when a loud knock sounded from the door causing me to jump.

"AHHHHH FREDDY'S HERE TO KILL US!" I screamed hugging Harry. Liam got up to open it. "No don't open it! Were going to die!!!!"

"Chill out Alice, its not freddy!" Niall laughed while Liam opened the door, I closed my eyes awaiting death.

"I'm heeeeeere! Now where's Alice!?" A voice sounded.

"TAKE NIALL NOT ME!" I screamed.

"HEY!" Niall screamed. I slowly lifted my head from Harry's chest to see who was here.

"LILY!" I screamed running towards her.

"ALICE!" She screamed back."Ive missed you."
"I've missed you too!" I said.

"Oh and don't worry Niall I was only kidding." I laughed pulling away from Lily and I's hug.

"Wait so what happened to you?" Lily asked.

"Its a long story." I mumbled.

"Well you better get talking." She laughed, and I began retelling the long depressing story.


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