Accidental Fate

Alice's life was nothing close to perfect. During her early teen years her heart had ben broken by none other than Harry Styles. Once her best friend/crush auditioned for the X-factor neither of their lives would ever be the same. Would fate mend their broken hearts back together or were they simply not meant to be?


34. Coming Home

Niall's POV;

Thank god for me and my constant hunger! If I wouldn't have gone searching for food who knows what would have happened to Alice. Oh Alice, I cant believe she's been so strong through all of this. Seeing her smiling face is the best thing ever. Im so glad we've found her, I missed her. I cant wait to see the look on Harry's face!!

Liam's POV;

I'm so glad we found her, safe and sound! THANK GOD for Niall and his marriage of food! haha. But seriously maybe things will go back to normal now! Jeez I cant wait to see Harry's reaction!

Alice's POV;

Well I guess I've figured out what I was missing about my life, haha. But seriously that's crazy! I was having dreams about my past, wicked dude! haha. I cant wait to see my "boyfriend" Harry. I hope he's as hot as he is in my dreams. Oh gosh I hope he likes me. Im both excited and nervous. Hey, what ever happens has gotta be better than the factory! I guess Liam noticed my worried expressions because he soon said;

"Hey Al, you okay?" It took me a moment to process because I forgot my real names Alice! I guess Al is a nick name of some sort.

"Yeah, im fine." I mumbled.

"Bull shit! No youre not! Now tell us whats wrong." Niall laughed In a demanding tone. (Right now were in the taxi heading to the airport)

"Well It just im nervous...I mean what if Harry doesn't like me? And if everyone else doesn't either?" I sighed.

"Al Bear, calm down! We all love you to death!" Niall exclaimed.

"YEAH! Ever since you were taken no ones been the same, everyone's been mad and depressed. Our band even sort of broke apart..." Liam explained sadly.

" broke up because of me! Im so sorry..."
"Don't be. Harry was so busy searching for you he never cam around. He was so depressed we were thinking he was going to commit...well you know. And we were all acting different, Zayn even punched me during a concert!" Liam exclaimed. I was speechless.

"What about the girl from my dreams, Lillian? Is she real?" Wow I sounded weird.

"Oh, yeah, Lily. Once you were gone a long enough period of time she began letting her sorrow out in one night stands. She's been a mess. We all have." Niall gulped.

"Im so sorry...." I managed to say.

"Don't be, were just glad we got you back!" Niall exclaimed.

"Don't mind me asking but why were you in that weird town?" Yeah im nosey.

"Looking for you! Back home everything was so bad we had to find you or the worse was expected." Liam said.

"Wow so you guys all really care for me, and I cared for you guys?" I asked.

"Yeah, a lot, even though we barely knew you. But Harry and you were best friends your whole life. And had recently gotten back together at the hotel." Liam said.

"Oh yeah and that strange town you were at was in China, and those strange people spoke Chinese!" Niall laughed. I just blushed,

"Come on, were at the airport!" Liam exclaimed. Getting out we were bombarded by paparazzi and screaming girls. WOW I guess they really are famous.

"Our plane is over here." Niall directed me towards I giant plane with the words, ONE DIRECTION, painted on the side.

"WOW, you have your own plane!?" I gasped.

"Yep, that's what you get when you world famous!" They gloated as we got on. For some reason they knew who I was and greeted me.

"Alice! Great to see you!" A kind lady smiled.

"Finally, Alice welcome back!" Another lady smirked.

Aton of men and women smiled while we got on the private plane.

"Alice! Great to see you! Im so glad they've found you, now maybe Harry will perk up!" A buff man exclaimed.

"That's our security guard Paul." Liam whispered in my ear.

"Hello Paul, its great to see you too! I hope so also!" I smiled.

The plane ride was fun, Liam, Niall, and I just relaxed watching films until we arrived back in London.

"Alice look! Were over London!" Niall announced.

"Woah, the view is beautiful." I gasped.

"Sure is." They said back in awe. Soon we landed and boarded off the plane. A private limo was there to escort us home.

"Wow, you even have your own limo!" I gasped.

"Get use to it!" Niall smiled.

So we rode home singing to songs loudly, although I didn't know the lyrics considering we didn't really have music a the factory.

"Wow who sings this song!?" I gasped at the beautiful song swaying from the stereo.  It was relaxing. They both smiled then busted out into laughter.

"What?" I asked,

"This is our song!" Niall laughed.

"Yeah, Little Things!" Liam added.

"No way?" I exclaimed.

"Yep!" They said proudly.

"You guys are amazing!" I gasped.

"We know!" Niall gloated. Then the limo pulled to a halt.

"Were hoooome!" Liam sang as we got out, of course paparazzi were asking millions of questions. At the top of the stairs Liam stopped an announced;

"Yes, this is THE Alice and we're very grateful to get our beloved friend back!"

Then he smiled and continued inside.

"So this is where you live?" I asked as we hopped in the elevator.

"You do also!" Niall added.

"No way, I could never afford this!" I said in disbelief.

"Well you were spending the summer here back before you were you know...taken. And well once the summer was over Lily moved back to America leaving your things to be trashed, since she figured you were dead. SO, we took all your belongings and set them up in our guest room. I hope you don't mind." Liam said.

"Thank you so much!" I exclaimed and hugged them. These boys are great. Soon the bell dinged and we stepped onto a fancy floor with giant doors at the end that' said: 1D. Slowly we approached the door and Niall unlocked it. Not sure what to expect when I stepped inside, I stood behind Liam and Niall pulled the door open in slow motion adding funny drama to the occasion.

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