Accidental Fate

Alice's life was nothing close to perfect. During her early teen years her heart had ben broken by none other than Harry Styles. Once her best friend/crush auditioned for the X-factor neither of their lives would ever be the same. Would fate mend their broken hearts back together or were they simply not meant to be?


49. CLiff

A/N: Did ya'll see the video of Harry crying from being mobbed in Paris when leaving his hotel??Gosh! If people really loved Harry they wouldn't mob him to the point where he's in pain! Also I heard management didn't give him security because they wanted a scene for the movie! OMG the anger!!-_- UGGH I know this is old news bus still AHHHH it makes me mad how selfish people can be!!! Harry has feelings also!! 


Niall's POV:
Harry's knocked out with pills, Alice's passed out, and Liam just got shot. This really isn't good. Darn you Harold,  you had to run into this trouble. Okay Niall, focus. Don't just stand here and blame Harry! Save your friends! Uhhhh what in the world should I do!? If I had my precious food right now they would aid me in defeating these evil crazed fan girls.

"You bitch!" I screamed. Yep. That's how I'm saving my friends and me. Calling the crazed teen a female dog.

"Silly Irish boy." The girl just smiled. I stood there confused.

"Calling me a bitch isn't going to save you and your little friends." She snorted.

"I thought you were a fan! If you were a true Directioner you wouldn't want to torture us and kill us!" I gasped.

"You see, the thing is, I'm not a Directioner. I only want Harry. He is a true sex god and then there's all of "you." She rolled her eyes.

"One Direction is a joke, it really should be Harry singing alone, with no other voices accompanying him." I stood there shocked.

"The rest of you are worthless, and have so many flaws they're UNCOUNTABLE. Especially you, crooked toothed ugly leprechaun."

"AH! YES! I can see the headlines now "Members of boy band, One Direction disappear!" The other girl chirped in. "Poor Harry, won't even remember he was in a band after those pills set in, and most of all won't remember any of his life."

I was about to defend myself and my friends, but then Zayn did the unthinkable. He launched through the air and tackled the 2 girls!

"NEVER would I tackle teenage girls, but honestly, when they're threatening to kill my friends, along with me, I find it an exception." Zayn grinded his teeth. Just then I remembered we still had another problem, those freaky guard dudes!
Well. Looks like Lily's got that handled, she's about to charge them and beat them up...Great now on guards about to punch her. Too late to help now:/


Lily's POV:

Not my greatest idea. Night Night Lil.


Zayn's POV:

Great, that idiot tried taking down 2 fat guards. Looks like now its just me Niall and Lou, oh and our 4 passed out friends.....You know if we don't get Liam and Harry help soon this may now end brightly...Hey at least I managed to knock out the psycho teenagers..

"EVERYONE! Follow me. NOW! Or else your friends here get it." The creepy guard screamed. Of we all followed him for the sake of our friends.

"And exactly where do you think you're taking us?" Louis sassed. Sass Masta baby!

"Somewhere that will do something to you so terrible it'll make the news paper headers that will cause young girls to cry." He smiled. Oh shit I'm not sue how we're getting out of this one. But we really need to fro Liam and Harry..

Louis' POV:
Really? He locked us in a closet? Nice super terrible place idiot...

Paul's POV(YAAAAY for Paul!):
Where the heck are them nimrods! Something's up, no ones answering my calls and none of them are at their flats. I need to find these boys soon....For all I know craze fans could have raped/kidnapped them! WAIT! I got it! I put a tracker in Louis' mobile just incase! Praise the lord I did!!

A/N: I know this sucks! It's just a filler!

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