Accidental Fate

Alice's life was nothing close to perfect. During her early teen years her heart had ben broken by none other than Harry Styles. Once her best friend/crush auditioned for the X-factor neither of their lives would ever be the same. Would fate mend their broken hearts back together or were they simply not meant to be?


20. Amusment Park Fun!

Alice's POV:
So we all shuttled into 2 cars; Me, Lil, Lou, and Zayn in one car and Harry, Niall, and Liam in the other...I wonder why everyones acting so weird this morning? I guess I ll text Harry, yes I kept his # over all these years, I could never force myself to delete him out of my life completely.

To HarBear<3 (Nope I never changed it from when we were dating!) : Hey! Why's everyone acting so awkward this morning?

He replied almost instantly.

From HarBear<3: Hey Alice! Wow you kept my # over all these years?! haha I kept yours too(; And I'm not sure I was thinking the same thing!

To HarBear<3: Have you told the lads yet???

From HarBear<3: Nooope. :/ Have you told Lily?

To HarBear<3: Nooo! To rushed this morning!0_0

From HarBear<3: HAHA You and your smiley faces! :P <3 ^_^

To HarBear<3: Youre such a dork!:P

From HarBear<3: But you love me!!(;

Apparently I was smiling like a freak while texting him because this happened:
"Who are you texting Alice???" Lily looked sorta mad?

"Uh no one..why?"
"Well you only smile when you text some one if its a guy you like..." Yeah shes mad

"Really its no one!" I practically SHOUTED.

"That's really low, you know Harry feels for you and you just go and talk to other guys to rub it in his face! Im ashamed!" Shes ragin.

"Whatever, you don't even know who im texting so back off." I snapped at her, She was about to come back with some bitchy comment but was stopped by Lou yelling;

And with that we all shuttled out and checked in to the park; woah these rides are huge!
"I need to pee!" I announced.

"ME TOO! Ill go with you!" Zayn shouted. Everyone else stayed behind and waited for us while we did our business.

"You know,"Zayn grabbed my hand when I was about to walk in the girls restroom. "You may be over Harry but that doesn't mean you can't date me!"
"Uhhh Zayn, im sorry but I don't want to date you! Were just friends!" I explained.

"Come on babe, I could be better to you than Harry ever would be!" He exclaimed getting close to my face, I can smell the alcohol, hes drunk!

"ZAYN! youre drunk, now back off!" I screamed.

"No babe, im just high on you." He laughed.

"LOOK!" I screamed causing him to turn around, then I slipped out of his grasps and walked back over to the gang, I no longer have the energy to pee.

"Hey lets go on a ride!" I exclaimed walking up to everyone.

"Wheres Zayn?" Everyone asked.

"He uhhh said he'd be back, and for us not to wait for him!" I lied.

"Alright, well then to the Ferris Wheel!!!!" Lou exclaimed.

So we got to the Ferris wheel.

"I'll ride with Lou!" Lily exclaimed.

"And ill ride with Liam!" Niall yelled.

"Oh uh it looks like you 2 will have to ride together...."Liam grinned.

"Sorry guys!!" They said to me and Harry. Haha doesn't bother me! So we got on. Forsome reason they were all watching us from their carts above.

"You do realize what theyre trying to do right?" I asked Harry.

"Yeah, I do...Here lets really get them confused!" He exclaimed then kissed me.
"HAHA! They're probably about to shat their britches!" I laughed. Suddenly we were stopped at the top.

"Look its beautiful!" I exclaimed.

"Just like you!" Harry winked. The rest of the ride we didn't really see, considering we were like raping eachothers faces(Not literally just kissing HARD!)
"Oh god, Alice, you effect me so much!" He exclaimed breathlessly.

"Oh Harold the feelings are mutual!" I exclaimed kissing him again.

"EHHHEM!" Some one cleared their throat.

"Excuse me but the rides over." A buff man ordered.

"Oh uh sorry!" I tried to keep a straight face as we jumped out of out cart.

"Oh god his face was priceless!" Harry laughed.

'More like youre face was priceless!" I joked. "You looked terrified!"
"Hey he looked like he could kill me with 1  punch!" He pouted.

"Its alright Baby Harry, I wont make fun of you to bad!" I joked kissing him on the check, then running to where everyone else was, the pretzel stand.

"Hey you just did! NO fair!" He yelled running after me. Suddenly we reached where everyone else was. All they did was stand there wide mouthed in shock.

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