Once In A Lifetime (Harry Styles Love Story)

Hey my names Taylor! No not Taylor Swift even if she is dating Harry Styles which I do love. Well more about me! I'm 5'2 and 18 I'm a funny outrageous girl who absolutely loves One Direction if you couldn't tell. Me and my friend Sam weren't expecting to meet them though. Sam is my best friend I'd die for her and she'd do the same for me. She loves Niall Horan and always says how I look like him. Her parents hate her and abused her when she WAS living there now she lives with me in a flat in London nothing special just enough for us to live with. Well this is my once in a lifetime story!


6. Tease

Harry's POV:

I was texting Tay with Taylor over here just asking me if I liked those pants or if they were to blue. What the frenchtoast?! (<- XD my autocorrect did that) ALL PANTS ARE BLUE. SHEESH WOMAN. Oh yeah so anyway I was texting Tay and she was such a tease.

T: Who said I didn't like it?

I looked up at her to see her smirking at me. While I look down with a devilish smirk at what I just sent her. 

S: Well then why don't you come over here and prove it unless, you know your to chicken. ;) xoxo.

I heard her gasp and she had red cheeks while her friend Sam I believe was giggling. Which made me chuckle. 

S: So you are to chicken I presume? Xx

T: NO! I'm just not going to do it cause there's a bunch of people around. 

S: Yet you didn't mind when we kissed in the middle of the mall. 

T: That was different. 

S: How? 

T: Taylor wasn't next to you watching you text me. 

S: What?

I turn around and do see her trying to read my texts so I just lock my phone and tell her I'm going to look around. She says fine just to bring her something back. It has to be cute but not to chic. What in hell does that mean???! I swear I'll never understand girls. 

(A/N sorry it's short)

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